Shaunr’s Weapon Mods v2


Have you ever seen Bird shit GTA V? Awesome mod, you will LOVE it!

1. peds now can be fire with cop pistol
2. The rockets were buffed dramatically, they now fire bigger, fly further and explode more awesome.
3. Almost guns now can not frighten peds, they will attack you, so be careful.
4. You have new weapons now, they are not on melee mods. Use the peds use baseball bat or a hammer.
5. The backed up file was saved inside the file, you don’t need to have your files backing up.
6. Police now use pistol or nightstick instead long weapons.
7. Be sure to try out the following weapons, they all have been increased range, perfect accuracy, reduced aim recoil, increased bullet force, accurate mode zoom factor, bullets per shot, and no reload
-RPG has a laser trail effect- a normally unused trail effect from the game
-fire extinguisher
-Ap Pistol
-Micro smg (use sticky bomb detonate key to detonate stuck projectiles)
-Heavy sniper
-marksman rifle
-Heavy pistol
-smoke grenade
-bullpup shotgun
-heavy shotgun
-combat mg
-Special Carbine
-Grenade Launcher
-pump shotgun
-Bird shit

How to install
1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”
2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature - Green Plus Button)
- Replace 4 files weaponanimations, weapons, loadouts, and vehiclelayouts = OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfcommondataai
- delete the dlc_patch folder located at GTAVupdateupdate.rpf and replace it the modded one.
x64 Folder
- christmas2 update explosion file GTAVupdatex64dlcpacksmpchristmas2dlc.rpfcommondata
- christmas2 update weapons GTAVupdatex64dlcpacksmpchristmas2dlc.rpfcommondataai
- heist update explosions.meta file GTAVupdatex64dlcpacksmpheistdlc.rpfcommondata
- Go through that carefully and make sure you didnt miss anything
- The file in each folder must go in the destination that they are labelled as
3. Close OpenIV and Done.
4. This mod also required Script Hook V + Native Trainer to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
1. Go into game, choose Shrewsbury RPG and fire, you will see a laser trail effect.
Press F4 (if you are using Native Trainer) → Weapons tab → All Weapons
Hold Tab Button to open Weapon Wheel, Weapon type: Heavy Weapon, choose Shrewsbury RPG.
2. Video will help you to install

v2 updated

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