Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (ALL vehicles included) V2.6


This mod is made for GTA V gamer who hate the speed limitation. GTA V limit them to drive under 120 mph, that’s really suck.
With this mod, you can drive more than 200 mph with super car and even over 300 mph with some special model. The rests get their real speed, just make sure you will check them all lol.
The slow ones are still slow, but they must be much faster than the original version. You might get some struggle with you pc performance, but don’t worry because everything was tested thousands of times.

1. It has 2 versions, change top speed values by author or by your own taste (readme.txt)

How to install
1. Open OpenIV. Turn on "Edit mode"
2. Normal version
- Update folder:
+ Update.rpf Folder:
Copy handling.meta from the update.rpf folder, put it to OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfcommondata
+ x64 Folder: Everything from this folder goes in to each matching folder by overwriting the "handling.meta".
Copy handling.meta from the mpchristmas2 folder, put it to OpenIVGTAVupdatex64dlcpacksmpchristmas2dlc.rpfcommondata
Copy handling.meta from mpheist folder, put it to OpenIVGTAVupdatex64dlcpacksmpheistdlc.rpfcommondata
Copy handling.meta from mpluxe folder, put it to
Copy handling.meta from mpluxe2 folder, put it to
- x64w.rpf folder: Everything from this folder goes in to each matching folder by overwriting the "handling.meta" and "handling.dat"
3. Your own version
- Change value that you want in "DriveMaxFlatVel value" in the handling line. Save file after changed.
- Do the same those above steps.
- Read "readme.txt"
4. You may need Simple Metric/Imperial Speedometer to see the km/h
5. This Mod also need a Trainer to spawn Vehicles
Note: Make sure to backup your game files before you start messing with things, it will save you from a 65GB reinstall.

How to know if this mod is working?
Go into game, press F4 (if you are using Native Trainer) → Vehicles tab → Spawn Vehicles tab → Any Car and see the difference by your own or Speedometer.

At this version, we fixed few bugs which decreased the speed of some vehicles. But we also decreased some models’s speed though like Blista top or Sultan.
- new dlc (Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2) ALL VEHICLES included :)
- reduced new Blista top speed to original value (it was too fast to a small engine car like its to be);
- reduced Sultan top speed value to original one (like the kuruma, it was getting 300 kph, which it's too much for a 4 door japanese like it's to be)
- increased Jackal top speed (I forgot that it was from coupé class, so its deserves a better top speed);
- increased another minor top speed values to some cars, like Franklin' Buffalo (just to have a bit better top speed than original Buffalo)
The location from Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 handling is: update>x64>dlcpacks>mpluxe2>dlc.rpf>common>data
- Increased top speed value from some luxury sedans like Schafter, Rolls Royce and Tailgater, They weren't passing 200 kph, which is too little for a luxury sedan like that.
- Increased top speed value from old 4 doors like Emperor and Regina. They were barely hitting 100 mph, which is wispy, even for old ones like them.
- decreased the Kuruma top speed value to original one (it was getting 300 kph, wich is too much for a Lancer)
- decreased Fusilade top speed value to original one (like the kuruma, it was getting 300 kph, wich is too much for a Chrysler Crossfire)
- increased the new Oracle top speed value (just notice it now, it belong to the coupé class, wich deserve a better top speed value than the original)

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