GTA IV Style Handling Mod For GTA V 0.8


If you love the driving style in GTA IV or just want some thing like a slight nostalgia, this mod is for you. The cars are more tough to drive and don’t feel magnetized to the road, more realistic suspension, when turning you can feel the weight of the car. It requires a bit of polishing but overall good modification for those who prefer GTA IV’s handling.

1. Top speeds and acceleration of all cars (+DLC cars) to realistic (Adder = Veyron – 407 Km/h etc.)
2. Weight of all cars (+DLC cars) to more realistic
3. All have cars physics similar for that from GTA IV (+DLC cars)
4. Reworked all bikes physics for more realistic suspension
5. Speed of submersible and boats
6. Increased deformation for all cars (+DLC cars)
7. Increased durability of all cars (+DLC cars)
8. Disables aircraft and chopper turbulences.

How to install
1. Open OpenIV. Turn on "Edit mode"
2. Copy handling.meta from Main folder, put it to OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfcommondata.
3. You may need Simple Metric/Imperial Speedometer to see the km/h
4. Also need Native Trainer (or any Trainer) to spawn Vehicles.
Note: Make sure to backup your game files before you start messing with things, it will save you from a 65GB reinstall.

How to know if this mod is working?
Go into game, press F4 (if you are using Native Trainer)> Vehicles tab > Spawn Vehicles tab > any car and see the difference by Speedometer.

- Added cars from new DLC (Ill Gotten Gains Part II)
- Cars from DLC have now Real Top Speeds/Acceleration/Suspension

- Added missing cars (blista2,dukes,dukes2,gauntlet2,marshal,dominator2)
- Now the cars speed up like real ones. Reworked Acceleration on all cars.
- Reworked Top Speeds. Now all cars reach final gear.
- Reworked suspension for (blista2,dukes,dukes2,gauntlet2,marshal,dominator2)
- No more 2 versions of deformation (there will be only one 2xdeformation becouse i dont have time for doing another version)

- Included all cars from new DLC "I'll Goten Gains"
(Version without 3x damage and Real Top Speed)

- Included 2 versions of deformation (2x and 3x)
- Increased top speed for all cars (+DLC) (warning : watch out for super cars like Adder after all mods from LSC. it is very very faster after that :DDD (stock 407km/h)
- Disabled turbulence for choppers
- Reworked mass for couple of cars
- Softer suspension for Dubsta2 and Mesa offroad
- Reworked fDriveBiasFront for couple of cars (mostly changed for 4x4)
- Increased number of gears in super cars
- Decreased fInitialDragCoeff for all cars ( better aerodynamics)

- Now works with all patches
- Increased deformation (x3) for all cars + (DLC) (More like GTA IV)
- Increased speed of submersible and boats.
- Rebalanced mass for all cars (+DLC) and couple of bikes
- Rebalanced acceleration and top speed for all cars (+ DLC) (may be not visible too much [work in progress])
- Reworked suspension for Dubsta 6x6,Dubsta,Blade,Landstalker

- Repaired crash at loading
- Disabled turbulence for aircrafts
- Fixed bikes wheele

- Initial relase

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