2013 Audi R8 V10 & PPI Razor Tuning [Add-On]


Finally an R8 mod now avail for download. GTA 5 Audi R8 V10 add-on car mod, it’s look awesome, le__AK please keep up the amazing work!

Original 3D models:
-NFS Rivals
-Forza Motorsport 4
Edit and convert by le__AK

All regular features
R8 V10 stock version
R8 PPI Razor GTR Tuning
R8 PPI Razor Spyder Tuning
3 optionnal spoilers at L.S Custom
Breakable glass
Paintable rims
Working dials
Hands on wheel
HQ interrior
HQ Model and textures
Perfect working lights
GTA license plate
Perfect glass refelxion
without overbright when tinted
Correct collisions
Correct first person view camera
paintable stripe on Razor Spyder
Add-On vehicle

Required mods
Latest ScripthookV
Latest OpenIV

How to Install GTA 5 2013 Audi R8 V10 Mod

  1. Copy update folder into: Grand Theft Auto Vmods
  2. Use OpenIV and extract dlclist to your desktop from: ...updateupdate.rpfcommondatadlclist.xml.
    Open dlclist with notepad, and add this new line:


    Save it, and replace the original dlclist with this one using OpenIV.

  3. Use OpenIV and extract extratitleupdatedata.meta from: ...updateupdate.rpfcommondataextratitleupdatedata.meta.
    Open it with notepad, and add theses new lines:

                     <Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">

    Save it, and replace the original extratitleupdatedata.meta with this one using OpenIV.

  4. To spawn this car, you can use Simple Native trainer and select "spawn by model name" and tape the name: r8ppi


Don't Know How To Mod GTA 5 Safely and Effectively, see more our GTA 5 Mod Guide From Basic To Advance

-Breakable glass fixed

-Reversinglight now working
-Front indicators now working

Note: GCC license plate not included in the mod, the car have regular gta v plates, GCC license plate author: your uncle

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