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Rockstar Video Editor Text Error

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    I just reinstalled GTA 5 for the first time in a few months back onto Steam, and I did it primarily to make some Machinimas. I downloaded the mods I wanted to and started recording in game, but after some in game editing I tried to export some of the footage I got, and the game gives me this messageRockstar Video Editor Text Error
    The default name for the file is just ‘Project 11’, and no matter what I change it to, it still gives me that message and it won’t let me rename it or export it, but it WILL let me save it as the default name. I never had this problem before when I used the editor, and I have tried Googling this.
    I don’t know if the update broke anything or not, but If you think you’d need my system specs for this, let me know. Any help would be appreciated

    => Verify your cache. If you dabbled with mods and started deleting files, something might have been affected elsewhere.

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