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Realism Dispatch Enhanced (GTA 5 RDE Mod) FAQ

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    Q: I installed the newest patch and it keeps on crashing. What should I do?
    A: Everybody that is crashing on the newest patch – install the RDE normally with OIV Package Manager and replace the gameconfig.xml in update.rpf/common/data with the one provided in the archive (depending on what version of RDE you have installed) – mediafire.com/RDE_updated_gameconfigs.zip
    Please also use this version of newest ScriptHookDotNet 2.6.2

    Q: How do I know if this is working as intended? What’s the easiest way to tell?
    A: There is a lot of ways. Here’s some:
    1. Get a five star wanted level and see if the script works
    2. Try to spawn the models via trainer
    3. Check your scripthook and scriptdotnet logs to see if theres any issues
    4. Check to see if the new models spawn in game naturally by just driving around

    Q: Should GTA Realism be installed before or after the installation of this mod?
    A: Those are not required but you would be missing out on a lot. Just don’t mess with any files in rde’s dlc.rpf unless your just swapping out models/textures.

    Q: Is it this mod that causes the game to briefly freeze when first getting a wanted level? Not sure if is myself, but the freeze went away when I disabled my .rpf mods.
    A: Carry out 2 steps:
    1. Remove the script but keep the rest of RDE intact.
    2. Use these test files https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1Q-Y-VNopuvbENFYml3T3pRU0k&usp=sharing

    Q: What files do i need to remove to have back the vanilla tank ? The added one have way too much collision issue, that’s unplayable ^^
    A: . Remove all rhino files in rdevehicles.rpf

    Q: Hey, I would like to address a conflict from this mod and/or GTA Realism. It seems to conflict with the multiplayer map. If you enable it in any way, whether it be Open all Interiors or a trainer, it will crash the script. I have tested the game without the mod and it works fine, so it has to do with some file in here. Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks.
    A: RDE doesn’t edit anything specific to the map so it may be Realism thats causing the issue. Check if you have issue when install RDE combine with realism or just RDE alone. And make sure you install correctly and use fresh mods folder.

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