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Offline Mode GTA V Issue

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    Hi guys, I see you can post something you know about GTA V to disscus and help each other. I also wanna that so I post my problem about Offline mode and solution.
    Problem: I can’t start Grand Theft Auto V in Offline Mode, as soon as i connect it to the Internet it starts downloading.
    Error: It needs to validate my copy of Grand Theft Auto V. But instead of doing that, it rather updates a massive load of content.

    Fixed the problem by removing the dlc.rpf.part files in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks.
    I was only applying content that improved the performance and fixed/updated single player content. Everything for mp got canceled.
    How to do that: Let the Launcher download one or two megabytes, search for the .part file in the above named directory, close the Launcher, and remove the .part file.
    Reopen the Launcher and do the step again and again for every patch you want to skip.
    I ended up with a nice gigabyte worth of performance increasing and single player fixing data. Skipped all the unnecessary stuff for mp.
    GTA: Online is not working, but everything single player wise is working flawlessly.Offline Mode is working after the game has been accessed once while being Online. You will be able to access the game offline for a good 48 hours as far as i know. With the problem i have (resolved) you need clearly less bandwidth and skip the unnecessary mulitplayer content.
    Ok this is my way, you can try, if not fix, you can comment below, I try my best to help!

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