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Map Editor FAQ

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    Map Editor FAQ when you install and use GTA 5 Map Editor to load your custom stuff

    1. When I press F7 nothing pops up!
    1. Make sure you installed latest files
    2. Goto GTA V main folder and right click on GTA5.EXE
    3. Go to properties
    4. Select the tab compatibility
    5. Make sure the box is signed that’s saying “Always run as administrator”
    6. Run GTA V by running PlayGTAV.exe (main folder gta v) as administrator

    You must have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x64 installed.

    2.Install Map Editor GTA 5 crashes with more than 250~ props
    Update your scripthookv here: http://www.gtabest.com/tools/script-hook-v-native-trainer

    3. Map editor is loading the custom map good, but there is no objects in it after that. What could it be? –

    4. VC++ installed scripthookdot.net and scripthook updated and run the game as administrator but when you start the editor the game crash?
    -> In settings use Orb crosshair

    5. How to find all the names for the trees by GTA 5 Map Editor -> You can use Object Spawn Unllocker, expended object list and you will have all the tree that you want.

    – If you STILL can’t get Map Editor Mod to work, post your ScriptHookVDotNet-[date].log, with a screenshot of your GTA5 directory and the scripts/ folder. I cannot answer if you don’t provide these.
    – READ THE DESCRIPTION, THE WHOLE THING. I’m not going to answer you if you didn’t read it
    – Read 40~80 comments back to see if your issue was solved by somebody else.
    – Pirated games are not supported by ScriptHookV/DotNet.

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