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GTA 5 Mod Hot Coffee Coming Back – is it legit?

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    GTA 5 Hot Coffee Mod was published on 1/4 – April Day. It seems to just be a joke of Jeddijosh920 (author of the mod). However, it doesn’t stop like we image. After 5 days, GTA 5 hot coffee has became a one of the most downloaded mods in this month. Take a look on GTA 5 communities, I see that this mod is encouraged by lots of guys, even rappo who created GTA5- mod.com also hopes that R doesn’t know about this ( it won’t be deleted soon, I guess ). When pp are really enjoy it and try to download it before R knows and deletes it like the fate of GTA San Andreas hot coffee, and others wonder if it is legit or not? Because it gta5 –mod is trusted platform, so if the approve of publishing a 18+ mod is considered as to” teach the dog to bark” or not. I have heard about S-lab Interact (can bang any chick lol) but I don’t know why it is commented much like jedijosh920’s mod. ( It is lack of the feature like Increase the speed of… certain things, isn’t it?… I guess).

    So my question is that if you think R* will interfere and delete it or not. And the publish of this mod like that will be considered as legit or not.
    Here is link for mod: http://www.gtabest.com/scripts/hot-coffee/



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