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Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul – E.R.O FAQ

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    #1 How to fix a bug because when I punch someone, 4 out of 5 times, they hit the ground and start seizing?
    You have installed meleeseizures by zippo, check your scripts folder

    Q: Would you be able to make the new animation occur less frequently, or is it a case of having to be on or off? Because it is so cool when you shot an enemy on the ground, but it seems as though it occurs even if the ped is dead before hitting the ground.
    A: Yes the chances can be lowered its 20 percent now

    Q: Is there a way to make the shooting lower around the foot react more dynamically? Currently, shooting a ped in the thigh/shin results in them grabbing it. However, shooting lower around the foot results in them just crumpling to the ground.

    A: I have been trying to fix this but it seems to a bug within euphoria.
    Q: Is it possible to modify the ragdolls to make their limbs bend more realistically? See the arms here for an example of how bad the current ragdolls are –

    A:Can be done.

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