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Do You Think That DLC Vehicles Are Priced Too High?

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    If you bought everything in this DLC except the new Car, you spent a good $6-$7 million.
    Grasp that $6 million is 75% of $8 million (which is a $100 Shark Card).
    So if you bought a $100 Shark Card you just spent $75 IRL dollars to get all the Pegasus vehicles and all the Parachutes and you haven’t even gotten the Classic Coquette nor have you modded it.
    Also, the aircraft are overpriced. They are novelty vehicles whether you like them or not. I can’t say I wanted armed Jets for every scrub in town to call at will, but lack of weapons should = lower prices.
    As it sits the cheaper variant of the Swift costs as much as a Tank, and you still can buy yet another variant. The cheaper one only costs $250K less than a Buzzard. The more expensive one is only $150K less than a Buzzard.
    A Buzzard is arguably the most useful Pegasus vehicle in the game (a Tank is basically just for using in Free Mode), due to mission use and fast travel with weapons, and you don’t have to fly it like a plane.
    Yet the aircraft sit close to this.
    To buy all that stuff (now remember I said I spent $7 million) AND the Coquette + Max Mods, you would surely have spent more than the $100 Shark Card has to offer.
    Was having every single DLC item this patch had to offer worth the equivalent of $100 IRL dollars in GTA fun bucks? Ignore the fact you may have glitched it anyway and still have 20 Adders on your alt, and imagine buying the Shark Card or earning it legit. To me the answer is hell no, and I could drop $100 on that Shark Card easy if that was the only way to get the required funds.



    I’ve noticed many forum posts about how people don’t like the expensive price of DLC vehicles and think they should be cheaper. It has made me wonder if this is not just a conspiracy to sell Shark Cards as many believe, but is designed to give a use to the upcoming heists.
    The way I see it, heists won’t be low paying missions, but missions which will pay quite a lot for the effort and thus make those who play them rich faster than is currently possible. If this is the case then it would get boring to have a large stash of cash with nothing to spend it on.
    At the moment, it would take me months or even years to collect the >$10 million required to gain access to all the Pegasus vehicles and another $10 million for all the cars I want plus the mods to them.
    Now this doesn’t actually prove anything about the payouts of heists, but maybe there is some method to this madness and a reason for the high costs besides Rockstar filling their pockets with Shark Card purchases.
    Any thoughts on this are encouraged.

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