Modded Launcher (RAGE Option added) 2.1


We added RAGE Plugin Hook and it is working perfectly with Steam.
This masterpiece will give you power to use two versions of GTA, Singleplayer for the modded one and Multi player. For installing this version, you need 2 version of GTA: the original and the modded one.
Click on the button “Apply” after making sure that you are using the Steam version. In case you want to play GTA in RAGE, simply click “Rage version”
There isn’t anything big in changelog, so you don’t need to care about it. Unless you want to know that it is coded in C# now.
Run the launcher as administrator, I really want to explain why but it’s just too long lol. All kinds of supporting are welcome, we are truly appreciate that.

How to install
In order to work you will need to have 2 directories :
- Your Original GTAV one.
- Your Modded GTAV one.
If you have the Steam version, make sure to check "Steam Version" before clicking "Apply !" !
Take a look at the video (it is a tutorial video), and just follow the steps...
New: If you want to launch your GTA with RAGE just click the "Rage Version" button !

Please make sure to execute the Launcher as administrator, because it will modify the value a registry key of GTA V or create symbolic links !

– 2.1 :
RAGE compatibility !
– 2.0 :
Now coded in C# (V.1 was coded in VB.Net)
New UI
Steam option added !
Some bug fixes…
– 1.1.1 :
Fixed the “Too big paths problem”

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