GTA V – Handle Editor


Are you finding a way to modify your ‘handling.meta’ file ?
Check out this Handler editor tool. It was built for that purpose. Now you can modify all kinds of vehicle on your own way.This is the best tool for GTA mod gamer. This tool gives you a friendly interface, very easy to use and effective.
In this version we have:
– We built an alternation for backing up .
– How to vast majority of controls and management was added.
– Now we have description for each category, you don’t need to test them anymore
– We built an “Mutil-apply” button, now you can change lots of vehicle with one click
– We have an un-tested option: Hex editor for “ strModelFlags”
– We move all the variables into a better categories for them.
Tool suggested / requested by ZZCOOL.

How to install
1. Download the mod file
2. Extract it
3. Run as Administrator

1. Always remember to backup your GTA V folder first.

- ALTERED: Minor alterations to how a backup is made
- ADDED: Tooltips to the vast majority of controls (including all variable fields)
- ADDED: Descriptions to each category
- ADDED: "Multi-Apply" buttons; allows you to apply a variable change to multiple vehicles at once
- ADDED: 'Hex Editor' option for 'strModelFlags' (somewhat untested)
- Re-organised all variables into more suiting categories

- RENAMED: 'Save' button to 'Save Changes'
- ADDED: 'Remember my changes between vehicle selections' checkbox
- FIXED: Application crash caused by malformed 'handling.meta' file being provided
- Initial (somewhat limited) release

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