Grand Theft Auto V – Mod Creator v2.3


Just for everyone’s concern, this program makes it EASIER to make script mods for GTA V.

It will not do everything for you, You will need to have some knowledge of either C# or LUA to create a mod, you will also need to know how to call natives (see Guide). For those who are complete noobs when it comes to making these mods, learn some of the scripting language first, that way you know how everything is laid out, and how to properly declare variables and functions. I personally will help you.

If you contact me via skype: , just know, I do not answer right away, I am very busy & dont always have a lot of time on my hands to be throwing code between skype messages. I thank you all for using this program, and have a nice day.

Known Issues
None as of now.

– xIconikkx – Layout Base.
– Support Me & My Work by clicking the Donate Button Above!

How to install
Open "GTA5 Mod Creator.exe" to run

How to know if this mod is working?
As you can see on the screenshot

-1.0.137e: Added "Download .NET SDK" in Help menu.

-1.0e: Re-code & added "Give/Take Player Money" in .NET Script Menu. No longer depends on external libraries.
-2.3.1d: Added auto-updater.
-2.3.042d: Fixed comment syntax, LIVE CHAT IS NOW AVAILABLE
-2.3d: Added syntax highlighting for C# & LUA Codes.
-2.2.294d: Created a new layout now allowing you to select from 2 different color schemes.
-v2.2.146d: Added Set Wanted Level for .NET, Fixed parts of code for .NET & LUA
-2.2d: Beta of .NET script editor released. Console Debugger is now a WIP planned for 2.3
-2.1.1d: Bug Fix: Wanted Level Window couldn’t be moved, fixed. Added “Help Forum” and “Donate” buttons. Added “OLD” folder in .rar file if you prefer to use the old design.
-2.1d: Thanks to xIconikkx for a brand new design.
-1.9d: MAJOR UPDATE: Completely re-designed. Added a few new functions! Started with a .NET editor, will be released soon. LUA Download button now working. Added 2 new player models to the list. Player invincibility & vehicle explosion are now addable in the Lua Functions section.
-1.8.2d: Attempt To Fix LUA Download button, Updated script guide, Updated model hash.
-1.8.1d: Removed image background, Added script guide.
-1.8d: Minor Bug Fixes
-1.8c: Better Background Picture. Added Add Key To Press Function & end If Statement. Also made design look a bit better than before.
-1.7c: Fixed errors on x86 systems. Added background image for every different window.
-1.6c: Disabled Syntax Highlighting temporarily to fix code issues.
-1.5c: Added RED Syntax highlighting for NativeDB functions (PLAYER,ENTITY,ETC…)
-1.4c: Added Terms of Use Agreement & “Download LUA SDK” button, will download into your GTA V directory (GTA V directory is set the first time you open the application.)
-1.3c: -“Simple Text/GUI” Function added., Syntax highlighting for code.
-1.2c: Added Loading & Saving files. Added “Set Max Wanted Level” as a default function.
-1.1c: Added small player model menu. Choose what player model to change to. Changed Font & Background color of Code Box.
-1.0c: Now in VB.NET, much easier to use & more user friendly.
-1.0b: Compressed & Updated loading/site loading.
-1.1b: Compiled down into one file.
-1.0b: Changed file format.
-1.0a: Initial Release

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