FPS Booster


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have high performance pc, this script still rock on you. Right now, the latest version only support the Steam version. But if you use it with the other one, it still work. But we are not sure if can crash at anytime.
But remember this one thing, don’t change anything at the GTA folder, this masterpiece doesn’t work well with other script. If you did the change, just click on the .BAT file. It works well with GTA online because it doesn’t change anything at all, lol.
For more info, check in the documentation included in the provided file.

System requirement
This will stop ( or kill ) anything that make the GTA processing stronger, which means now you can play GTA at maximum possible performance.
We tested this program on Nvidia Geforce 8600GT /W 512MB Vram and ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series /W 512MB Vram, so you can be sure that you are having the best product at this time

How to install
1. Download the mod file.
2. Extract it. And read carefully the installation instructions: ReadMe.pdf and others... You will know how to use this mod.
- Grammar related fixes and fix Non-Steam_GTAVLauncher not being able to start GTA5

- add a new script that can be put in the root of gta5 Retail/Non-Steam
if the main one does not work
- added a commandline.txt for those that don’t know how or don’t want to add there video card name in the settings.xml
- non-steam fix
- Added support for non-steam/retail
- added screenshots to the documentation folder of NVIDIA and ATI/AMD control panel
- add some new stuff and moved the scripts to the script_files folder
- added a new script to try to help users with low RAM
- added a changelog
- Fixed the pdf file and changed to timer from 60 to 120 to fix the slow Social Club
start due to the process being set to low priority
- added the documentation folder
- removed read-me.txt for PDF
- added the /y to one of the services to stop
- added the wait for gta5 to close be for starting restore script
- added stop and restore scripts to the start script
v0.4 to v0.1
- started working on it and adding a lot to the script

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