Community Script Hook V .NET


Script Hook V .NET is an ASI plugin, which allows running scripts written in any .NET language in-game. Bunch of well-known mods require this tool to run properly. You can download Script Hook here and enjoy the world of mods in GTA 5.

You ONLY need to update Script Hook V after a new game patch came out. Community Script Hook V .NET WILL continue to work afterwards and does NOT need an update. Which is why the last update date is usually a little behind.

– Read FAQ in Support Tab, if you have any issues about this mod you can sign up GTAbest’s account and give us your question.
– If you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

How to install ScriptHookVdotNET

  1. You must haveMicrosoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x64 installed.
  2. Download and install the latest Script Hook V (including the ASI loader). If mods break due to a game update, don't forget to update this one!
  3. Download Script Hook V .NET and copy the ASI file into your game directory (The DLL is for developers).
  4. Put .NET script mods inside a "scripts" sub-folder in your game directory!

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Version 2.5.1

- Restored "Entity.Health" behavior from previous versions

Version 2.5

- Disabled euphoria classes as they do not currently work on the latest patch
- Added key code range check
- Added "Audio" class
- Added "UISprite" class
- Added shadow and outline options for "UIText" class
- Added "World.Weather" getter
- Added "Ped.IsFalling", "Ped.IsJumping", "Ped.IsClimbing", "Ped.IsVaulting", "Ped.IsDiving", "Ped.IsFleeing", "Ped.IsInCombatAgainst", "Ped.IsHeadtracking", "Ped.IsJumpingOutOfVehicle", "Ped.IsCuffed", "Ped.DropsWeaponsOnDeath", "Ped.GetVehiclesIsTryingtoEnter", "Ped.GetMeleeTarget", ...
- Added "Ped.Clone" method
- Added "Vehicle.IsDamaged", "Vehicle.ClassType"
- Added "Entity.IsTouching"
- Added "Player.DisableFiringThisFrame"
- Added additional "Task.EnterVehicle" overloads
- Added "Weapon.Tint"
- Added "GameplayCamera.Zoom"
- Added "Game.GenerateHash", "Game.GetControlNormal"
- Fixed "Entity.Health"
- Fixed "Ped.MaxHealth"
- Fixed "Entity.HasGravity"
- Updated native, weapon and vehicle hash enums

Version 2.4

- Added "Ped.Euphoria" and euphoria class helpers
- Added "PedGroup.Leader", "PedGroup.GetMember", "PedGroup.ToArray", "PedGroup.ToList", ...
- Fixed returned native string values not handling unicode text correctly
- Switched back to Visual C++ 2013

Version 2.3

- Added a few missing animal hashes to the "Native.PedHash" enum
- Added an "_0x[...]" entry for each named member of the "Native.Hash" enum to fix compatibility with some older scripts
- Added "PedGroup" class
- Added "Ped.IsPerformingStealthKill", "Ped.IsInGroup", "Ped.IsInCoverFacingLeft", "Ped.IsGoingIntoCover", "Ped.NeverLeavesGroup", "Ped.ShootRate", "Ped.GetJacker" and "Ped.GetJackTarget"
- Added "Entity.HasGravity", "Entity.IsOnlyDamagedByPlayer", "Entity.LodDistance" and "Vehicle.EngineCanDegrade"

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