Vehicle Controller (Lights, Engine, Doors, Cruise, Speedometer, Trailers, etc) 1.0.1


Vehicle Controller – the kind of mod that makes you love the PC version even more. It will cover most wanted features in vehicles which R* always ‘forget’ to implement, even if it is requested since 90’s.

Full control of vehicle turn signals, including hazard alert flashing.
Full control of vehicle hood and trunk, including vehicles such as cargobob, cargoplane, titan, etc.
Full control of vehicle back doors, including trailers such as Fame or Shame trailer, normal trailers, mule, etc.
Full control of vehicle interior lights, where applicable.
Full control of vehicle windows (opening and closing, while driver can open/close his or all windows, passenger can just manage his windows).
Full control of break lights (configurable if you want the lights stay on after a full stop or not).
Switch some extra vehicle features, such as taxi light or police helicopter spotlight (not controllable yet).
Leave the car while leave the engine running.
Leave the car while leave the door open.
Cruise control mode (This will keep your speed).
Display on-screen speedometer (mph or Km/h).
Skylift Eletromagnet controller (Lift up cars).
Fully configurable (Easy and well explained INI file)

How to install
1. This mod required Script Hook V .Net and Script Hook V + Native Trainer to activate. Ensure everything is working perfectly before installing this script.
2. Copy "VehicleController.dll" and "VehicleController" folder to the folder named "scripts" which is inside of your GTA V folder. If you don't have a scripts folder yet, just creat one).

How to know if this mod is working?
Display on-screen speedometer (mph or Km/h).
CRLT+J and/or CRLT+L to open the car parts.

Latest version Changelog:
Plugin completely rewritten in C# using the Script Hook V .NET Framework!
Manage multiple player vehicles, which means that changes (eg: turn signals) won't disappear if you quickly change vehicles.
Added SEVERAL (85+ configuration parameters) settings. See FAQ for configuration.
Added controller support. See FAQ for how to configure.
Added fully controllable search lights.
Added option to disable siren sounds

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