The Flash Mod


This newest GTA 5 flash mod gives you ability of Flash. You can run at the speed of light. Not quite, actually … but very fast. Remember to back up the files you gonna to edit before download GTA 5 The Flash Mod Mod.

– Read FAQ in Support Tab, if you have any issues about this mod you can sign up GTAbest’s account and give us your question.
– If you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

Required mods

ScripthookV installed (put .DLL file in main game folder)

How to Install GTA 5 The Flash Mod

  1. Just put flash.asi and flash.ini in your GTA V folder.
  2. Press SPACE bar to toggle the power on and off. With the power on, press right mouse button to zapping and zooming your way. Currently this power limited to human characters only.
  3. You can read readme.txt to tweak the configuration.

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It is final version

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