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Single Player Apartments has a pretty self-explanatory, coming to us and adds all of the properties players could purchase in GTA 5 Online. It contains Apartments from the High Life DLC and Executives and Other Criminals DLC. Although the mod lacks lots of the functionalities of the GTA 5 Online apartments such as watching television or listening to radio, it is getting a steady stream of updates, which are adding the new features. Ok, let’s download Single Player Apartments now.

  1. 5 High Life Apartments, 7 High End Apartments, 3 Custom Apartments, 9 Stilt Houses, 18 Medium Range Apartment, 5 Low End Apartment for a Total of 47 Apartments to spend your $2,147,483,647!
  2. Every High End Apartment, Medium Range Apartment + a 10 Car Garage, Low End Apartment+ a 6 Car Garage for a Total of 450 Cars can be save to your Garages!
  3. Every saved Car is your Personal Vehicle
  4. Interaction with Prop like GTA Online, can drink Wine, Whiskey, Green Juice, Smoke Bong, Take a Shower, Changing your clothes & Sleep on your bed
  5. – Can buy Cars, Bikes, Planes, Helicopters, Boats, Bicycle, Lowriders & Tanks with Benny’s Original Motorworks, Dock Tease, Legendary Motorsport, Elitas Travel, Pedal to Metal, Southern SA SuperAutos & Warstock Cache & Carry.
  6. This mod even can speak your languages: American English, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Spanish & Polish.
  7. This mod supports both Keyboard Mouse and XBox Controller.

How to Install GTA 5 SP Apartment Mod
Original copy of GTA 5
Latest ScripthookV
Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x64 installed

  1. Download this mod
  2. Open the downloaded files,  drap and drop all the files into "GTA VScripts" folder
  3. If you have already earlier version of SPA, make sure not replace the  save.cfg and save2.cfg files

Don't Know How To Mod GTA 5 Safely and Effectively, see more our GTA 5 Mod Guide From Basic To Advance

- Upgrade compatibility Community Script Hook V .NET 2.7.
- Weapons & Character Switch are disable while in Apartment & Garage.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.
- Add 12 New VIP outfits and 12 Bodyguard styles with 4 outfits for both genders for a total of 120 outfits.
- SPA Tool updated. You can convert SPG vehicle.xml to SPA vehicle.cfg.
- Image Preview for Vehicle Dealership placement can be edit on setting file.
- New voice for Mechanic & Pegasus.
– Vehicle spawn with Pegasus freeze fixed.

– Fixed Vehicle unable to purchase after purchase a new apartment.
– Interactive with Apartment props bugs fixed.

– Fixed The New Apartments not showing on Delivery Menu.
– Fixed The New Apartments not showing in Mechanic Menu.
– Fixed 3677 Whispymound Drive not showing in Mechanic Menu.

– Added 4 New Low-End Apartments.
– Added 17 New Medium-End Apartments.
– Added Interactive: Bong, Green juice, Wine, Whiskey, Shower.
– Added Lowriders update Part 2 vehicles to Benny's Motorworks.

Known Bug(s):
– This mod has known compatibility issues with Vehicle Persistence mods.
– No water and steam fx while shower.
- FPS may drop if you have a slow CPU

Mod Conflicts:
– Heist Map Updates in Single Player (All Apartment Texture Glitchy)
– Single Player Garage (Fall into blue hell)
– Szabo's Persistance Mod

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