Simple Passenger Mod 1.5


Do you need a ride ? It’s so fucked up that sometimes you are stuck in somewhere and your only way out is to run.
Now this problem is over ! Get a driver now, no more running needed. Take one man and he will drive you wherever you want. Set a waypoint, and then press space to get that. Press space again to slow down.
If you change the waypoint, you have to tell the driver about that otherwise he will continue to the old one. If you want to get way, click Delete 2 times. If you just want the driver to slow down, press delete one time.

How to install
1. Create the folder “scripts” in the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. Copy "Passenger.dll" and "Passenger.ini" into the folder “scripts”
3. This mod also required Script Hook V .Net and Script Hook V to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
E = Enter Vehicle/Switch Seats
Space = Drive to Waypoint slow/fast (if waypoint active)
Delete = Drive By On/Off
Q = Skip Radio Station (if in vehicle as passenger)

Update 1.5
Compatible with V1.0
Update v1.4
Config File Added
Update v1.3
Updated to use ScriptHookVDotNet v0.9
Code Rewritten
Update v1.2
Keys Changed

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