Real Police Offenses [.NET] 1.9


– Numerous new locations for parked police vehicles in the city and highway.
– They are monitoring your speed, if you drive over the speed limits near Police officers they will first warn you and eventually offer you a speeding ticket. If you try to avoid it, you will get chased.
– If you get seen driving in the wrong direction, you”ll end up paying the appropriate ticket or get into more trouble by escaping from the Police
– They are looking at your vehicle condition, if you’re vehicle is damaged a lot and you pass by the Police, they’ll warn you to fix or leave the vehicle. If you choose not to listen them, they will charge you defined amount of money.
– Bodyguard system included. You can spawn up-to 5 different trained Police bodyguards to follow and protect you. They will follow you into your vehicle and protect you untill death.
More things soon to come so please suggest any ideas that you have and I’ll try to implement them in the Mod.
If you have any bugs or problems, please share them here!

Working on
– Find a way to check if player has passed through red light
– You get charged different amount of money depending on the speed you were driving
– Ini file for re-binding keys
If you know how to help with this, please send me a message :)

Known bugs
– Report possible bugs in the comments!

Author: qwerasdzxc
Coding help: c39687, Mcfloy and sakis25 on GTA:F
Youtube videos: JwG, DorianGames, Bartolomeo Bartolini, GamersRevolt and Mr.GTA5 MOD

How to install
1. Create the folder “scripts” in the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. Copy the file "RealLife.dll" and "RealLife.ini" into the folder “scripts”
3. This mod also required Script Hook V .Net and Script Hook V + Native Trainer to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
RealLife script for police offenses and warnings is launched automatically.
To spawn a bodyguard you need to press NumPad3. Max number of bodyguards is 5.
To kill a bodyguard you need to press NumPad6.

- In V1.9:
- Finnally added the configuration (.ini) file so now you can change every option that suits your desire - including keys, ticket prices and more
- Lots of bug fixes

- In V1.8:
- Added new scenario (animation) when a cop comes to fine you
- All kinds of bugs and code fixes
- Updated the source code to the newest version

- In V1.7b:
- Updated the mod to support the latest version of the game
- A policeman (or woman) will now spawn next to your car to give you a ticket - this is in BETA phase, I'm working on improving this in the upcoming updates

- In V1.7:
- New feature now available - when you drive in the wrong direction and Police see you, you'll get warned and eventually punished for unsafe driving!
- Fixed some small bugs and issues

- In V1.6:
- Added different colors to certain parts of text in the mod (tell me if you like it or not)
- You now have a lot more time to stop if you want to pay a ticket as it adds more realism to the game
- Started working on Cruise control for easier driving

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