Ragdoll / Limp On Demand 1.5


Do you want to go ragdoll ? Do you want to jump the shit out of your ped ?
So this Ragdoll / Limp On Demand 1.5 mod is your perfect choice. But when you are ragdolled and falling, you will not enter free falling mode.

– Instantly go ragdoll
– Option to toggle ragdoll (stay ragdoll as long as you want)
– Option to use an inanimate ragdoll
– Editable settings

Known issues
The ragdoll’s limbs don’t retain the velocity from the character. Looks especially daft if invoked while in a vehicle that you can fall off

How to install
1. Copy the file "RagdollOnDemand.asi" and "RagdollOnDemand.ini" into the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. This mod also required Script Hook V to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
Go ragdoll on demand ('U' by default). By default, you will stay ragdolled until you are stationary. When you are ragdolled and falling, you will not enter free falling mode (therefore no parachute either).

How to edit settings
1. Open RagdollOnDemand.ini in a text editor
2. Adjust the values

1.5: Fixed bug that made you unable to get up in toggle mode
1.4: No longer dependent on the LUA plugin
1.3: Added alive ragdolls
1.2: Added toggle option
1.1: Bug fix

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