Ped Riot / Chaos Mode 0.6.1


This is the chaotic world, everyone get their own weapon and they are ready to shot the shit out of you. Chaox and guns are everywhere, don’t get shot too soon. You will find it hard to survive in this world. Just remember don’t come so close to the ped, that’s the first sign of killing.

1. Crazy peds
2. No cops
3. On/off toggle (F7 default)

Many thanks to Blade for Script Hook V, moment0 for answering my questions on the forums, and Jax765 for the awesome screenshot.

How to install
1. Copy the file "RiotMode.asi" and "RiotMode_config.txt" into the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. This mod also required Script Hook V + Native Trainer to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
1. Press F7 (default) to toggle the mod.
2. Edit RiotMode_config.txt to your liking. Format is important! Please lookup JSON format if you have any problems.
3. The config file is also reloaded whenever the mod is toggled.

- If the game is crashing, try lowering the number of rioters spawned in the config file, and ensure you have the latest version of Script Hook V
- If Riot Mode is not loading when pressing the enable key, ensure you have the latest version of Script Hook V
- If you are still experiencing issues, please post your Script Hook V log (found in the GTA V directory) along with your Windows version and any additional information here.

-Fixed bug in reloading configuration, simplified config file and added better explanation of factions

-Added factions, allowing users to configure teams of rioters!
– “Fixed” bug where rioters spawned with grenades would stand idle (temporary fix, rioters are simply never spawned with grenades for now)
– Added “all vs player” mode for ultimate challenge (see readme.txt)
– Fixed bug where rioters would sometimes warp into different animations (thanks for the report a_tavenner!)
– Tweaked rioter spawning
– Added config options to enable/disable cops and set rioter accuracy.
– Toggling the mod now reloads the config file.
– Minor bug fixes and optimizations.
– Fixed for Windows 7 users, updated for new Script Hook V version.
– Added ability to configure weapons given to peds, change toggle key, and tweak the number of rioters.
– Changed default key to F7.
– Initial release.

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