Online Random Events for Single Player v1.2


Have you ever want to get immersed in GTA 5, not just finally going to the pause menu to find something to do? Love to hang out and make money or just stay high in the sky and take out any police choppers; keep interesting by the randomness… All you need is download this mod.
Nice work ! So great to have fun like that in story mode.

-Adds random events to single player that are inspired by those from online.
-Each type of random event has multiple variations.

General Info
-The type of event is picked at random.
-Events include crate drops, armored trucks, assassinations, smuggler vehicles, and special vehicles. All events include several variations that are also picked at random.
-By default, you will have ~7 minutes (real world) to start the event if you choose to do so.
-By default, there is a ~5 minute cool down between events until the next event.
-Events are marked with appropriate blips on the map.
-You are notified of events starting/ending above the radar, along with a beep sound.
-By editing the .ini file you can change times for events, and disable beep sounds.
More informations available in the file readme.txt

Known Issues
-The armored trucks doors must be open completely (Open fully on the hinge) for money to fall out of the truck. This means it will take a few seconds for cash to drop sometimes.
-If you use a different time duration for your game, mission times will change (Times mentioned above are for a normal time duration). You can fix this by going in the .ini file and changing the times for events. If you freeze the game time you will not get any random events.

-Plastic Tangerine for main coding
-Alexander Blade for ScriptHook and parts of code from his trainer

How to install
1. Copy the file "OnlineEvents.asi" and "OnlineEvents.ini" into the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. This mod also required Script Hook V to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
It runs automatically. You just need to wait for an event to pop up in time.

-Initial release
-Fixed no payment for assassinations
-Fixed despawning issues if the player died while on certain events
-Added beeps to messages
-Added .ini with various options
-Fixed broken blip

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