Menyoo PC [SP]


MAFINS’s Menyoo PC [SP] is one of the best GTA 5 menu/trainer mod with several features that you must spent a lot of your time to find out.

Remember to back up your game before download GTA 5 Menyoo PC Mod

Improved Vehicle, weapons, gameplay, environment in GTA 5 SP
New DLC vehicles, peds, weapons, weapon attachments.

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– If you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

How to install GTA 5 Menyoo PC Mod

  1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”
  2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature - Green Plus Button)
  3. "MenyooExtras.ytd" into OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfx64texturesscript_txds.rpf
  4. Close OpenIV and Done.
  5. Copy the file "Menyoo.asi", "menyooConfig.ini", and "JumpAroundMode.mp3" into the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
  6. This mod also required Script Hook V to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?

  1. Press F8 while in-game to open. If you select the controller as your input option via the settings, you may use the controller (Binds being RB+Down) to use the menu.
  2. Otherwise, use the Num keys to navigate.

Backspace - Back
Enter - Select
UpArrow - Up
DownArrow - Down
LeftArrow - Left
RightArrow - Right

Controller input
B/Circle - Back
A/X - Select
DPAD Up - Up
DPAD Down - Down
DPAD Left - Left
DPAD Right - Right

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|Bugfix-SpoonerFile>Attributes>WeatherToSet was stuck on 'None'.
|Improved Spooner Marker vehicle teleportation.
|Added a TextureVariation scroller in Spooner entity properties (only for objects/props).
|Improved VehicleIncreasedMass.
|CloneEnemies are persistent now; attackers are still the same.
|Added options in MenyooCustoms for changing vehicle engine sounds.

|Added Misc>Mapless Mode.
|Added WeaponOps>Magnet Gun.
|Added WeaponOps>Gravity Gun (multiple target gravity gun).
|Added Misc>Cutscene Player.
|Cruise control will now also work for aircraft.
|Added vehicle damage multiplier.
|Added speech player for self and spawned peds.
|Added more voices to the voice changer and named them.
|Dying will restore weapons and tints no matter what your player model is (SP).
|The Vehicle saver will now also save attached SPOONER entities (only for the default bone).
|Added Downtown Bobsled map mod (by Nadles)
|Teleport gun range increased.
|Added VehicleOps>Auto Drive.
|Fixed Rope Gun.
|Added Player smash ability.
|Added Bahama Mamas (Interior).
|Improved vehicle fly mode.
|Bugfix - Misc>ManualRespawn didn't work.
|VehicleOps>TowMode improved.
|Bugfix-vehicle weapon Molotovs didn't work in v0.994.
|Bugfix-changing bullet gun bulletType switched the currently held weapon.
|Bugfix- The Spooner slot scroller only went up to 256.
|Added 'Save world entities to SpoonerFile'.
|Forge gun grab distance increased.
|Added Misc>Meteor shower mode.
|Added Misc>Auto-kill enemies.
|Vehicle paints improved.
|Paint index scroller re-added.
|Help text bugs fixed.
|Controller input toggle removed, controller input will now be automatically detected.
|Added RandomPlate option in the vehicle spawner's settings.
|Water hack improved for large radii.
|JumpAroundMode music volume decreased.
|Object/vehicle/ped gun will shoot stuff exactly right out of the gun now.

'Hydraulics' now uses WASD/stick movement for directionals.
Light gun lag fixed.
Tow mode mechanism changed. Still broken, dw.
Misc>ManualRespawn fixed.
Vehicle heavy mass fixed (Can't make this a multiplier k).
Misc>Radio sub.
The paint fade scroller can now go down to 0.
Rappel from helicopter fixed? You tell me.
Bugfix-laser sight did not turn off.
The menu can now easily be closed by pressing the binds.
Added preset menu themes.
Component changer front view camera to will be disabled upon exiting the component changer.
Spawn random vehicle option.
Time scale will now go down to 0 (fully stopped time).
Top down view won't sync rotation when the player is in a vehicle anymore.
Rainbow modes made more vivid.
Water hack fixed.
Map mods load/unload buttons have been merged into one.
Vehicle saver fixed. Item menu added.
Cruise control fixed.
Menu Y position now adjustable.
Added missing vehicle - Enus Super Diamond..
Bugfix-the paints menu was not accessible for bikes.
The object spawner's slot limit increased to 2048.

The asi will now only work with the latest scripthookv.dll.
Safer cash drop.
Added Misc>manual respawn mode.
Added Vehicle increased mass mode.
Bugfix-digital speedo crashed when going over 1000km/h.
Added Misc>water hack.
More options in vehicle saver.
Bugfix-Setting parachute smoke colour crashed.
Added Delete all in world option in the clear area submenu.
Vehicle cruise control added.
Kaboom gun made long distant.
Pressing menu binds while the menu is open will close the menu and reopening the menu will open it in it's previous state.
Laser sight re-added.
Plane aileron option fixed (code had somehow vanished).
Rapid fire will work with throwable weapons.
Vehicle tow (this is broken as heck atm).
Funny vehicle bikes will turn.
Fire breathe will go straight.
Added fluorescent blue; this was requested.
Massacre mode will affect peds, and not your current vehicle.
Explosions at waypoint text scroller.
Loading saved vehicles will use the autoSit toggle.
Bugfix-The game crashed when attempting to violate/shoulder ride a spawned ped.
Bugfix-Police vehicle sirens could not be turned back on after being turned off.
Bugfix-The button display was blocking other button displays.
Bugfix-Funny vehicles got messed up in v0.99.
Teleport gun screen effect will now end instantly.
Super run will only work on ground.
Jump Around music fixed.
Clear area range increased; objects can now be cleared properly.

MP maps such as the heist carrier will work in sp.
1k object limit in the spooner.
Added teleport to mission objective option.
Chinese gxt text won't be boxes anymore.
Search bar in AllScenarios submenu.
Jump Around Mode improved. You can even use a non-DRM'd mp3 to play background music in JumpAroundMode (just include JumpAroundMode.mp3 in your GTAV directory).
Clone vehicle improved.
Added crew emblems in mod shop.
Burn mode will now work without having to turn on/off invincibility.
Fixed flare in vehicle weapons not working.
Window tint text scroller.
Plate type text scroller.
Trigger FX submenu in playerOps.
Added anim flags scroller in animation settings.
Decals in component clothing - tattoos and logos.
Sweat level scroller.
Infinite parachutes option.
Vehicle saver (.V3H1CL3 files)!
Ped tracker colour is adjustable now.
Fixed vehicle jump height.
Fixed analogue speedo position.
2 katanas instead of 1.
Rope gun (alpha rn so pls wait).
Rain puddle multiplier in weather Options.
DriveOnWater level lowered.
Fixed kaboom gun memory issues.
Component changer camera distance decreased.
All vehicles sub added into kaboom gun.
Full weapon editing.
When settings a primary paint, the pearlescent will reset to the applied paint's default pearlescent.
Weed-Wheels Bike funny vehicle.
SuprKar fx will use the titlebox rgb.
New rainbow mode fx.
Removed non looped vehicle invincibility.
New gradients.
New attachable objects added.
Funny vehicles memory issues fixed.
New toggle icons and scrollers' UI.
Added vehicle bone support in the Spooner Attachment submenu.
LSC Troll and a few other new map mods.
Rainbow faders for Vehicle RainbowMode and Titlebox RainbowMode.
BreatheStuff sub. Breathe fire and blood! More to come.
Acceleration multiplier will work much better now on low values.
Loop FX on spawner peds/yourself.
Tunable snow OFF fixed.
Dirt level in MenyooCustoms.
Massacre mode improved and epilepsy removed!
Shoulder rider spawned peds.
Multi Platform Neon Rainbow fixed.
Outfits fixed.
Keyboard box won't show dingbats anymore.
New secret teleport location.
Fixed object list search.
Fixed SetVehicleOnFire.
Super run made more stable.
FX on model change.
FX on car spawn.
FX on forge shoot.
Fixed the vehicle/colour preview images not showing in the 0.95a.
Loading a map mod will unload all other loaded map mods.

Tunable snow works in SP.
Bug fix > Tiny vehicle previews for some people.
Added Xmas weather type.
You can now edit attachment offsets for attached ambient lights/spotlights.
Search feature in the object list.
Trigger special FX on spawned peds/yourself.
Bug fix > Reverse allowed in SuprKar mode now.
FX on teleport. FX in superman auto. FX in SuprKar mode/Horn boost.
Wanted level scroller goes up to 6 (shows as 5).
Tenfold bullets mode - replaces triple bullets.
New vehicle jump mechanism.
Pre-set colours for RGB menus.
Colour previews (similar to vehicle previews).
Startup logo (rockstar_logos.bik) movie bypassed.
Menu features such as vehicle previews/infobox are now adjusted if the menu position is on the right side of the screen.
New scroll mechanism.
Freecam speed improved.
Clear Area submenu improved. Clear Area range increased to 60.
New startup message (hype?)!
Light gun improved and slowed down.
Flare/molotov vehicle weapon speeds increased.
You can now shoot multiple vehicle weapons at once.
Paint-fade scroller in Vehicle Paint submenus.
Pearlescent will be applicable to all paint types now.
PV Ops - Teleport into vehicle seat.
New 4k object list (credit to Sjaak).
Multi platform vehicle neons.
Timecycle intensity scroller in VisionHax submenu.
Spooner-Slots count reduced to 256 slots.
Gravity type scroller (Misc).
Many new map mods (objects)!
"Fireworks Ahoy" in Misc.
"Draw Slot id" in Spooner>Extras.
SpoonerFiles fixed completely.
SpoonerFiles will now display found SP00N files.

Fixed SpoonerFiles LoadFromFile.
Improved top down view.
Added IGG2 DLC items (vehicles, weapons, horns).
3 new extensive map mods.
Soulswitch gun won't be so harsh on memory.
Numpad navigation has been added back.
Pressing the RightMouse button or ESC won't change the current submenu. Only BackSpace and NUM0 will be the menyoo back button.
A useless reloadConfig button.

Spooner read/save to file (ALPHA).
Spooner 'Clone into next slot' will clone into the next unused slot.
Superman manual improved.
Cloning a vehicle in the Spooner will clone it's attributes as well.
New fancy startup ram!
Text scrollers.
Coffin, gnome, placement marker, and pee-hose attachments.
Speedometer made smaller and improved accuracy.
Draw rectangle tool (mouse only).
Clear area submenu.
Spooner - ram all peds (in slots) option.
New map mods + map mod structure.
Pressing ESC while the input box is open will not cause crashes.
Animation scenarios.
Animation settings submenu.
JumpAround mode.
EMP mode.
Low gravity mode.
Ignored By Everyone mode.
Access to restricted areas feature.
Unlimited ability loop.
Minute in time scroller.
Freecam improved.
New navigation buttons.
Instructional buttons display.
Forge gun.
Vehicle handling multiplier.
Heat vision on aim option.
MPH speedo option.
New maps.
New Menyoo Customs structure.
Side 'ACTIVE' rectangle fixed.
Hash display in Spooner.
Spooner attachment fixed.
Voice changer.
EZ spoon improvements.
Outfit saver (SUPER-BROKEN).
Blips for 'target into slot'.
Model changer categories.
Vehicle spawner + spooner categories.
Gravity gun shoot/fire fixed.
DLC vehicle(s) + weapon(s) added.
Can set prespawn vehicle attributes in vehicle spawner.
Vehicle spawner previews.
Burn mode fixed.
Fireworks ptfx added in Explosions submenu.
Vehicle engine torque multiplier added in Menyoo Customs.
Speedo ytd included in download.

FreeCam mode (Excellent No-Clip alternative).
New menu design features.
Custom coordinate teleport submenu.
Custom animation input submenu.
Vehicle spawner is mildly categorised.
"Menyoo Customs" (mod shop) improved.
New analogue speedometers (Update.rpf provided below required for this).
Rappel from helicopter if in one.
No Ragdoll & Seatbelt separated from invincibility.
Noise level slider.
Component/Accessories changer improved.
Drive on water now calculates water level once on enabling it instead of continuously in the background.
"ALL heist maps" option fixed.
Display Frame-rate on screen option.
Numerous bug fixes and tweaks.

Bug fixes.
Soul-Switch Gun.
Spotlight Creation which doesn't seem to work.

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