GU Mod 1.5


This is the latest version of the Native Trainer – GU Version now separated into it’s own mod so it can be used alongside other versions of the Native Trainer. I’m so excited for you guys to see what I’ve been working so hard on. I do maintain the core features which are from earlier versions (clip through walls; Custom + save Teleport and Load Areas) and come along with new features which are really awesome. I received some suggestions and starting to get a hold of it. Please stay tuned for more information later 😀

1. Magnet Mode: this is funny mod that allows you to push away or pull towards you vehicles and/or peds. Sometimes the game can’t Catch up with this, but don’t worry, it does appear to work most of the time.

2. Clear Area (i.e. No Traffic or Peds mode): You can clear the area of vehicles, peds or cops. Cars in the distance may still appear but otherwise it works as intended.

3. Editable Key Bindings: no more mods crashing when you change the key bindings. Just edit the included gu_keybind.ini, use virtual-key codes ( ) and it will be default key bindings if you dont copy it into your GTA V folder.

4. Time: Modify the time, you can slow down game motion but cant speed up game motion as far as I can see. Setting update interval to 1 millisecond and increment to 100 is a good starting point for timescapes.

5. Ragdoll : Turn ragdoll on or off, enable hotkeys for force push of the player or ragdoll. Change the force and rotation values of the force push of the player.

Note: Ragdoll Rigid Time is in milliseconds and if set to 0 makes the ragdoll lifeless while anything higher will make it stiffer or more lifelike. Force values are quite strong, you may need to set these to less than 1 (example: 0.5) depending on how hard you want to push the character.

6. Gravity: Setgravity value of the world, the only values that appear to work are:
0 = Normal Gravity
1 = Moon Gravity
2 = Zeroish Gravity
Note that gravity only takes effect when in ragdoll or if something has been hit like a car.

7. Change Position of Character: Make minor adjustments to the player position so you can clip through walls and maybe even find a secret. Note that the Hold Pos function doesn’t hold 100% but it holds enough to keep you in place instead of falling through the world.

8. Custom Teleport : Add your own teleports without coding and on the fly (you can edit the file while GTA is running). Simply make sure you copy the included custom_teleport.txt into your GTA V folder and edit as you see fit. Syntax is TELEPORTNAME,X,Y,Z.

9. Saved Teleport : You can now save your current position in game. Position gets saved to saved_teleport.txt inside your GTA V folder (make sure you copy the included saved_teleport.txt into your GTA V folder when installing). You can also load your position from this list in game.

10. Load Areas: Currently only supports North Yankton (Special thanks to TacoDeBoss for his work finding out how to do this). Hopefully more areas will come but so far I haven’t been able to work any out yet. If anyone has any information on this subject i’d be glad to hear it.

– To use just pick the area you wish to load and it’ll load into memory. Then simply visit the relevant area (or teleport to it).

11. Enable Mobile Phone Radio: Allows the radio to continue playing while out of the car, you can also change the radio station while out of the car but if you’re going to do this you may want to make the radio wheel button different to the cover button.

Known Issues
– Appears Stop Ped Magnet When Dead doesn’t work. I’ve confirmed this is the case and i’ll aim to fix it as soon as possible.

How to install
1. Copy the file "GU MOD 1.5.asi", "gu_keybind.ini", "saved_teleport.txt" and "custom_teleport.txt" into the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. This mod also required Script Hook V to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
- Activate the menu by pressing F5 in game.


Numpad 8 = Move up in menu.
Numpad 4 = On menus with pages this will move to the previous page.
Numpad 6 = On menus with pages this will move to the next page.
Numpad 2 = Move down in menu.
Numpad 5 = Select menu item.
Numpad 0 = Go back to the previous menu.

Numpad 1 = Force Push Hotkey (if enabled)
Numpad 3 = Ragdoll Hotkey (if enabled)

Numpad 7 = Magnet Mode - Pull (if enabled)
Numpad 9 = Magnet Mode - Push (if enabled)

- Editable key bindings via editing the included gu_keybind.ini. Make sure you copy this ini file into your GTA V folder.
- Magnet mode, when enabled you can push away or pull towards you peds and/or vehicles.
- Added Invincibility for Current Vehicle.
- Updated custom teleport list (special thanks to BWG for some of the new entries).
- Added some hidden equips. Smoke grenade launcher, fire extinguisher, digi scanner, briefcase, baseball, flare and flare gun.
- Added ability to clear area of vehicles, peds or cops. You can still see some cars in the distance but works otherwise.
- Re-ordered some menu items.

- Added Time options.
- Added Hide hud.
- Complete redesign, now functions independent of the Native Trainer.
- Supports version 1.0.350.2 of GTA V.
- Added Ragdoll options.
- Added Gravity option.
- Added Invincibility.
- Added the ability to save your current position to saved_teleport.txt in game. Can also load from that list in game.
- Added more teleports to the custom_teleport.txt list, some interiors.
- Added Flare Gun and Flare to Get All Weapons.
- Added output of current coordinates to Change Pos menu.
- Added support for loading and visiting North Yankton (thanks to TacoDeBoss).
- Added Custom Teleport feature.
- Moved all features into the GU Menu section.
- Initial release.
- Added change position of character feature.
- Added mobile phone radio feature.

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