Grand Theft Zombies 0.25a


One of the most fun mods of all time. This zombie mod just brings you to a very scary. place with full of zombie. And if it’s not scary enough for you, imagine they can respawn anytime and anywhere.
And one more thing to notice: If they respawn somewhere far from you, just toggle and reload the mod. If the problem remains, please reinstall it completely

How to install
1. Create the folder "scripts" in the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
2. Copy "GTZ.dll" and "NativePI.dll" into the folder "scripts"
3. This mod also required Script Hook V .Net and Script Hook V + Native Trainer to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
Press the "F7" key to open the menu and toggle the mod. You can edit the menu key and other options in the ini file that is created in your root folder when the mod is launched.

- Configuration file added that will generate in your root folder and in which you can set the menu key, zombie spawning number, etc.
A LOT of things have been re-done in this update.
- C++ to C#.
- New Menu which will hold many more options such as inventory, contacts, etc. in the future.
- Randomized weapons.
- Blackout.
- Bloody random pedestrian zombies that spawn based on where you are at. (Soldiers at Fort Zancudo, etc.)
- Zombie dogs.
- Fast zombies
- Zombies will walk like zombies now towards you and try to kill you.
- Fixed only a few zombies attacking you.
- Zombies don't attack you until you come close (will be configurable).
- Better spawns.
- Initial Release.

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