Buy Online/Special Vehicles in Single Player


In your GTA 5 Single Player mode, you are bored with the poor source of your vehicles. Don’t worry, Buy Online-only vehicles in SP will help you this issue. Thanks to this mod, you can get your hand on the “online only” vehicles. Besides ,you can get another option of spawning and lowrider your vehicles. 
Ok, let’s download Buy Online/Special Vehicles in GTA 5 Single Player and go for it now.


  1. Buy online vehicles of MP in SP
  2. spawn/ lowrider vehicles


Latest ScripthookV
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x64 installed

How to install mod

Drop WebsiteHax.asi and WebsiteHax.ini (optional) into your GTA V folder. Make sure to have installed the latest version of Script Hook V.

How to use
Once in GTA V, open the web browser and open the menu with F8 or R1/RB + Dpad Right.
Can be changed in the .ini.

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  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Added Lowrider 2 Vehicles Block Bypass to 'Settings' submenu


  • Updated to 1.33 (1.0.678.1)
  • Added Lowrider 2 Vehicles

Please note that these vehicles aren't actually the new ones except virgo2.

  • Removed a debug option


  • Added Kraken
  • A log file will now appear in your GTA V folder
  • Small bug fixes


  • An error message telling you that the web browser is not open yet will be showing up if you try to buy a vehicle and the web browser is closed
  • Added an option to check for the latest game version
  • Added an option to use the PC username instead of the gamertag (can be toggled on/off via the .ini file (default is 1 [true])


  • The menu now uses text labels for the vehicles (if the text label doesn't exist, it uses the default english name)
  • Fixed "Toro" not working


  • Updated to 1.32 (1.0.617.1)
  • Added New Sultan RS*
  • Added New Banshee*
  • Added New Roosevelt Valor

* = this vehicle isn't actually the new one

  • Updated to 1.31 (1.0.573.1)
  • Added Xmas and Apartment DLC vehicles


  • Bug fixes
  • UI improvements
  • Added vehicle preview (can be toggled on/off)


  • Initial release
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