Bodyguard Menu 1.7


Do you want a Huge Massacre? yep, this bets gta 5 mod is for you.
1. Respawn any ped in the game to be your bodyguard.
2. This menu comes with lots of textures.
3. Commands and Weapons will suit up for your guard with tons of awesome weapons.
4. With Misc you can recruit nearest pedestrian, set invincibility for all bodyguards, or add/remove a blip from the last spawned bodyguard.
5. You will have maximumly 7 bodyguard following you, you can more but the rest will not follow you.

How to install
1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”
2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature)
"shopui_title_bodyguard.ytd" into "OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfx64texturesscript_txds.rpf"
3. Copy the file "BodyguardMenu.asi" and "BodyguardMenu.ini" into the game’s main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.
4. This mod also required Script Hook V + Native Trainer to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
F8 - Open Menu
Numpad 5 - Select
Numpad 4/Left Arrow Key - Left
Numpad 6/Right Arrow Key - Right
Numpad 2 - Down
Numpad 8 - Up
Numpad 0 - Back

The controls can be edited via the .ini file using these keys:

– Added Commands Submenu. You can make bodyguards follow, wait/hold position, attack nearest pedestrian.
– Formation submenu removed and merged into a simpler version via the command submenu (line formation, regular formation).
– New menu UI header.
– Added Delete options in which you can dismiss/delete near bodyguard, last spawned bodyguard, or all bodyguard.

– Redid the whole menu GUI.
– Added camera to bodyguard when in appearance/accessories.
– Added apply to all option in weapons so you don’t have to tediously give a weapon to each bodyguard.
– Added give current weapon which will make your bodyguard(s) use your weapon and it depends on the apply to all option. If apply to all is on then all your bodyguards will equip your current weapon but if it is not only your last spawned one will.
– Upon spawning, bodyguards will have different appearances instead of the default.
– Added appearance editor with camera for last spawned bodyguard.

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