This is the mixed version between three characters Franklin, Micheal and Trevor. Enjoy the game. So sorry there’s no cape because the textures for it is too complicated. But whatever, you are able to fly Enjoy the mod.

How to install

1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”
2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature - Green Plus Button)
- 6 files form player_two Folder into OpenIVGTAVx64v.rpfmodelscdimagesstreamedpeds_players.rpfplayer_two
3. Delete files/folders
- Delete player_two folder and player_two.ymt inside OpenIVGTAVupdatex64dlcpacksmppatchesngdlc.rpfx64modelscdimagesmppatches.rpf
- Delete player_two folder and player_two.ymt file inside
4. Close OpenIV.
5. Play as Trevor while in-game. Change outfit to underwear.
This mod required Menyoo PC to Change outfit.

How to know if this mod is working?
Go into game, Press F8 → Player Option Tab → Model Changer → Trevor. Change outfit to underwear.

No changelog so far, keep updating this post as usual as possible.

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