Project Batman v0.5 (Crash Fixed)


This is the Batman mod, but it’s just for Franklin at the moment. Somebody may ask me why him, but you have to admit that Michael is too old and Trevor is not good enough. I will try to make a white Batman in the future and it will come with something like Batmobile of course. Things will be much different from now, just keep updating this post as much as possible.
Thanks to my bud IIZACHARIAHII for his flash texture mod as a reference it really helped.

How to install
First please download the modded files and the latest version of OpenIV. Next use OpenIV to open the files x64v.rpf
Open the models/cdimages/cdimages/streamedpeds_players/player_one and then click on the Editmode. Replace these files: uppr_diff_026_a_bla.ytd, lowr_diff_003_a_uni.ytd, hand_diff_000_a_uni.ytd, feet_diff_001_a_uni.ytd. Remember to make a back up files for them.

How to know if this mod is working?

28/5/2015 Batman isn't black anymore.
28/5/2015 Slightly improved textures.
31/6/2015 Crash Fix (Thanks to runItsalpha for taking time to recompile the textures :) )
01/5/2015 Small Changes and Updated Readme File.

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