Niko Bellic Ped 2.1 (Stability update)


If you hate the old character like us, this gonna be your perfect mod. From now, you will get facial animation, better character effects and movement.

1. Full facial animation.
2. Niko hand texture.
3. Proper leg texture.
4. Fixed torso texture.
5. Fixed feet texture.

How to install
1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode" and head to OpenIVGTAVx64v.rpfmodelscdimages
2. Find streamedpeds_mp.rpf and extract it.
3. Open streamedpeds_mp.rpf that you've extracted
- Delete mp_m_niko_01 Folder, mp_m_niko_01.yft ; mp_m_niko_01.ymt
- Drag and drop my folder and files into streamedpeds_mp.rpf
- Rebuild
4. Delete the old streamedpeds_mp.rpf from OpenIVGTAVx64v.rpfmodelscdimages and add the new modified one.
5. Do NOT rebuild the x64v archive.
6. Play with your Niko and his big nosed goodness. Use a trainer to change the clothes.

How to know if this mod is working?
1. Video will to help you how to install

2.6.1 (10/15/15) - Quick hotfix. Fixed broken clothing item.
Fixed some bugs that make the game crash. We also added some texture, you can enjoy them as free bonus.
2.6 (10/15/15) Overhaul update. Stability should be perfect. New clothes. Various fixes.
2.1 (7/6/15) - Stability update. Crashes should no longer happen. New textures are added as an added bonus. A big update is coming soon.
2.0 (5/31/15) - Added dozens of clothing options. Upped misc textures too.
1.2 (5/22/15) - Fixed issue with last release that broke facial animations.
1.1 (5/21/15) - Fixed issue with stretchy hands.
1.0 (5/18/15) - Initial release.

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