Is GTA 5 PC still worth buying now?


Is GTA 5 PC really that good? Is it worth buying for 60$? Can newbie still have fun in GTA online servers?

You’ve heard GTA Online full of hackers and its not fun to play anymore and that should not give 35 bucks for it? To be honest, GTA 5 still amazing for being a few years old, especially on GTAV PC if you can run it’s it is way worth it. I beat the game on PS3 and never played it again, until I got it for PC and it looks so glorious. And yes, there are SOME hackers who will randomly fuck with you, but overall everyone is nice and if you get into a good crew you can all have lots of fun.

1. Is it worth it to buy GTAV?

– I still think its worth it. GTA Online is still great. I’m not very high level and still have loads of fun messing about with friends. The single player campaign is a work of art as well. Super funny and gripping at the same time.

– Firstly, you may have heard most people you encounter in GTA V Online will just try to kill you on site lol. There is an asshole killing you all the time but there is also always passive mode where noone can hurt you and solo / invite only / friends only sessions to prevent the hackers. Just stay away free roam.

– Secondly, you don’t have crew?
“None of your friends are PC gamers so you won’t have a crew to hang with when you are online, which will take away from the experience?”

There are many channels/ways to help you find someone who plays with. You need to find members of your crew. If you can’t find anyone, you are suck at making friends and haven’t tried enough. There’s always something to do if you’re creative enough and the main problem is connecting the Internet.

2. Buying GTA V for PC or PS4? Steam or Retail DVD ROM?

– The main difference between GTAV PC and ps4 is 60 fps to 30 fps, when you haved played with 60 fps, you dont want to go back to 30 fps. It simply hurts your eyes.

– Experiencing on the PC is better than on the PS. Certainly, when installing the version of PC, it requires you to have a strong hardware configuration. When using the version of PC, you usually get many troubles that never have in the PS. But it is worth because when taking mistakes and errors, you must find out solutions and then you get new experience. You should image that in case you have used PS for several years and you will become PS 3 at the present, no getting support because of the old-fashioned tech.

– In the long period of game PC, to play the version of PC, you must install mods – many interesting things. You can feel secure because R* has an official announcement about no any prohibit in playing offline. Therefore, it just takes a short time to you read about how to mod safely.

In general, the choice of buying what version is up to you, just answer those questions:
1) How do you care about a 60fps game? Is it important to you or not really?
2) Do you have a 4K display?
3) Do you have PC players friends to play online with?
4) How do you care about mods?
5) Do you prefer playing a game like GTA in a gamepad or mouse/keyboard?

3. Should buy GTA 5 on Steam or G2A?

Do you prefer something cheap? If yes, buy it.

If money does not matter, you should buy on Steam because Steam has many useful features supporting gamers. When you get problems of update or backup, it’s better.

Buy nothing except Steam and R*.

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