Soongae’s ENBseries


Soongae’s ENB of Soongae gives the world closer to you

If you are a guy who get the aesthetic eyes with colourful everything want that the game is also bright and lively like real life, Soongae’s ENB is the best choice for you. Through this mod, interface of GTA 5 will become more cinematic, beautiful and colorful than ever. And you will be experienced a fucking new feeling with it. Try to download this mod to have more experience!

1.You can change the mode of weather such as: Extra sunny, foggy, smog, cloud, thunder…
2.There are a lot of songs you can and listen.
3.Shadows of car and weather, nightlights are reflected factually and more awesome features you can realize yourself.

If you have any issues about this mod or suggestions, you can sign up an account and give us your comments in Reviews part or Support part.
OR if you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

- OpenIV.
- VisualV.

How to install
*Install with OpenIV*
1. Download VisualV.
2. Download Enhanced Depth of Field.
3. Download ENBseries from: here.
Extract all the files in 'WrapperVersion' to main GTA5 folder.
4. Download Reshade from: here.
Extract 'Reshade Folder', 'Reshade64.dll', 'Reshade.fx' to main GTA5 folder.
5. Replace all the files in 'Graphic' (in file downloaded here) to main GTA5 folder.

If you want to make sure about success of installing mod: click here!

1. ENB (Shift + F12).
2. Reshade (ScrollLock).
3. Dof on/off (End).

Update 1.0
-Change ReShade Version.
-Change car reflection & lighting.
-Add Depth Of Field.
-Add DirtLens (Optional).
-Add God rays on Clear Weather.
-And more...

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