Realistic Sand for Vespucci Beach


Sand in Vespucci beach now is more realistic than ever with Realistic Sand for Vespucci Beach mod of H2awesome

Your hobby is hanging out with charming girls in the beach, or just simply walking along the seaside and watch magnificent sunset? Nonetheless, the default sands of Vespucci beach just bother you because of its unattractiveness? If so, this mod would definitely help you out. We’re glad to bring you this marvelous mod which totally overhaul the appearance of the Vespucci beach’s sands. With Realistic Sand for Vespucci Beach mod, the real party has just begun!

1. Realistic Sands for Vespucci Beach
2. Physics interaction works with the Sands

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OR if you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

- OpenIV.

You need OpenIV to run this mod
1. Download this mod
2. Open OpenIV and then click Edit Mode
3. Navigate to x64g/levels/gta5/generic/gtxd.rpf then Drag and Drop the files

Note: This won't work properly with High or Normal texture quality so download the file for Normal/high

-FINAL = Redone Bumpmaps clean n clear.
-Added a 3d effect for sand
-Added OIV installer.

-Fixed The Flickering at distance.

-Added New foot Print
Made the texture a little bit cleaner

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