Realism Dispatch Enhanced


A part of GTA Realism series by GTA Realism Team – Realism Dispatch Enhanced 2.2.1 providing you with best possible GTA V wanted level experience

You have ruined and destroyed everything in GTA V? Do you feel that the Cops AI is too foolish and unrealistic to continue playing through? Reaching 5-star wanted level and that still cannot satisfy you? Or you just simply want to be a true crime and be surrounded by a great number of different cops?
If so, then this will be definitely the mod you are looking forward to! A large volume of textures and models of cops/military has been added exclusively, together with completely overhauled AI for them to make the Cross-Fire more realistic than ever, no more unwitnessed report and more active/smarter cops for you to deal with!
Now, let’s download Realism Dispatch Enhanced and go to find out more interesting things from it!


    1. Brand new and exclusive textures/models! NOOSE SWAT (Tactical Response Unit), Coast Guard Enhancement etc
    2. FiveStarResponse Script Includes
      • 9 different vehicle response categories that decide the response at a 5 star wanted level
        Juggernauts have been added to spice things up a bit. (Can also be customized in the INI)
      • Working Insurgents gunners, Valk gunners, Valk cannon, Attack choppers: Savage, Hunter,
      • Dog Fighting AI for Jets
        Ability to switch between Army/No Army options
      • The ability to turn off all police/enemy blips
    3. Include all of your favorite items from our original GTA Realism mod and MORE:
      There are more details in text file in downloaded file, you can check for more information.


-We encourage you to develop your own custom dispatch.meta, INI, or XML for RDE then release it yourself on GTA5-Mods or LCPDFR.
(Just be sure to credit us and link to this page so your users can download the main files here)
-You MUST rename the INI to “FiveStarResponse_CustomTextHere.ini” to differentiate from our default INI if you release your own INI.
-DO NOT upload files from this mod outside of the two mentioned above without our ENTIRE team’s approval.


– If you have any issues about this mod or suggestions, you can sign up an account and give us your comments in Reviews part or Support part.
– If you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

Requirement: OpenIV
Check out mod manager to be sure!

How to install (using OpenIV)

+ Automatic Installation (recommended):
-Navigate to "1. Main File".
-Choose your preferred option (we recommend the Added Models option), and use OpenIV Package Manager to install the ZIP file.
-The scripts will be installed automatically when you choose the Added Models option.
-Do the same for any addons you want.
-The dlclist.xml will be edited by OpenIV in such a way that it will be compatible with all new Rockstar patches and other mods that use the dlclist.xml, provided RDE (and all addons) are installed last. However, we still recommend to install this mod on a clean copy of the game.

+ Manual Installation (not recommended):
-Unpack the ZIP files you wish to install. All files are in "content" folder of the ZIP file.
-Install "1. Main File" by adding/replacing the files in their destination folder. There are TWO options please only select one of them. (Destinations are already layed out for you just put them in the correct place)
-Install "2. Script"

1. Install latest version of ScriptHookV
2. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
3. Install the latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet
4. Move all contents of "2. Script" into C:Program FilesRockstarGamesGrandTheftAutoVscripts or the location of your GTA5 install. If a scripts folder doesn't exist, create one.

If you want to make sure about success of installing mod: click here

Version 1.1
Added a No Army option, increased hidden evasion timers, added LSSD and LSPD SWAT mesa's, Officers now wear ballistics vest at three stars and higher, Police officers+SWAT+Army should all be able to use teargas on you. (I think that was included in 1.0 but it is for sure now)
NOTE: If you are coming from 1.0 to 1.1 the only file you will need to update is dispatch.meta in updateupdate.rpfcommondata

Version 1.2
New models include SAHP SWAT, SAHP Maverick, New SAHP car and SAHP bike textures (bike optional), New sheriff interceptor, New LSPD Granger, New NOOSE RIOT, New NOOSE TRU (SWAT), New Army Annihilator, and loads and loads of new optional textures to spice things up.
Installation has been overhauled to make things easier. And loads of readmes have been included so you're not left wondering what to do. We've even made sure to credit each and every person in the readmes and included links where possible. (A BIG thank you to all who contributed and took part in this) 1.2 now includes multiple different options for dispatch including options for added textures/no added textures, no army, and even a great dispatch made by Yard1, Loads of Optional textures have been included to suit everyones needs.
Now only SWAT and Army will use teargas. Other minor misc. code changes and enhancements .YMT tune edits by BobJaneTMart (Thanks again for permission to use these) .YMT popgroup file that includes all the added models to spawn. (Thanks to Yard1) Note: This needs a popcycle.meta file that includes police. We're in the process of making our own, stay tuned. HD SAHP male textures by BroCop are now standard. (working on support for female SAHP soon!) Credit to both BroCop and OfficerLund for permission to use textures/female model (female model coming soon)

Version 2.0
Scripting that allows proper responses depending the vehicle category you are in. Completely new install that allows for the easiest install possible (DLC method), All new models and retextures of your favortie RDE vehicles/peds (All models are listed at the top of this description), revised dispatch.meta, Overhauled popcycle and popgroups to include all the new units and all the DLC vehicles thats added. (Even the lowriders DLC vehicles have been added), gameconfig.xml has been enhanced to allow even more models, peds, and misc improvements, All added vehicles now include gxt2 files which allow them to show their correct names in game

Version 2.1
Completely redone dispatch files, various presets to choose from
NOOSE SEP&PIA will now spawn in traffic in certain areas (SEP in Pillbox Hill, PIA in the port and LSIA)
Higher quality NOOSE SEP&PIA car and ped textures
Added unarmed HMMWVs (replacing crusader) and armed HMMWVs (added vehicle), armed HMMWVs are spawned by FiveStarResponse script
Added the SAHP Bravado Gresley PPV
More aggressive juggernauts, will now fire full auto
Planes have radars - player will always be seen when in air
Added AlexVonShep's BCSO mod as an optional addon (replaces LSSD with BCSO, highly recommended)
Added Alex_Ashford's Fat Cops (not spawning as of yet)
Updated popcycle
Updated FiveStarResponse script
Added GhostFix script to the archive
Other small bugfixes
Two BIG surprises are in the works..... if you want to test them they have actually been included but are not 100% working yet and as such have not been implemented fully. The two models are "submersible3" and "rhib" if you want to play around with them for now. The model names will have a more lore friendly name once we get them working 100%. A link has been provided in the description if you would like to help.

Version 2.2:
Game shouldn't crash when recording gameplay with Rockstar Editor - be warned that this can be caused by too weak hardware
Cargo planes won't land in LSIA anymore - they were too big and exploded
Female LSPD cops won't have hats anymore (if you prefer hats, remove s_f_y_cop_01_p.ytd and s_f_y_cop_01_p.ydd from update/x64/dlcpacks/rde/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/rde_componentpeds_p.rpf)
Minor tweaks to the SAHP BEAT (s_m_y_hwayswat_01) texture
Rhino gets an additional machine gun (only usable by player as of now, only change in handling.dat)
Hunter's (Apache) cannon will now rotate and be controlled by the co-pilot
DispatchGhostFix won't show debug messages on screen now
Riot model fixed
Added police cars have metallic colors instead of matte - just like vanilla police cars
Retextures of LSFD and paramedics
Enhanced belts and radios for even more law enforcement peds

Version 2.2.1
Game shouldn't crash anymore while driving to specific locations
Misc bug fixes
Installer will now automatically remove any references to previous versions of RDE in dlclist.xml

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