Raider’s Blood, Violence & Ragdoll Overhaul 2.85F



WARNING: It’s violent mod. Got banned in 7 different european countries , locked outta gtaforums and the most dislikes on gta5-mods.

1. New 4k texture
2. Tweaked ragdoll reactions
3. New tracer and gun smoke effects (Only pistol, combat pistol & .50 pistol are tweaked with my smoke/tracer edits etc).
Note: feature list incomplete, download mod and see the rest for yourself.

How to install

1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”
2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature - Green Plus Button)
More information and installation instructions available in the file readme.txt
3. This mod also required Script Hook V .Net, Script Hook V and LUA Plugin to activate.

How to know if this mod is working?
Video will show you know

Changelogs for previous versions included in readme.

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