Online Missions for Build a Mission


Although this mod is the Beta version and it just has 17 missions, it receives lots of encourages of many guys. Following the promise of its author, the final version is the best and includes 107 missions which all are come from GTA 5 online. The missions take the same objective places,enemies and other from GTA 5 Online.All objectives (even the letter colors) are same in Online.Ok, let’s download Online Missions for Build a Mission now.

– Read FAQ in Support Tab, if you have any issues about this mod you can sign up GTAbest’s account and give us your question.
– If you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

How to install

You must have Build a Mission   mod for this.
Download the file just extract the missions to scripts/bam/missions folder.
Press H to get in the game, select mission and enjoy.
You also must have open all interiors.
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