More Pedestrians and Traffic v5


If you are tired of the sucking traffic and cars in GTA V, this masterpiece will help you. It can make the number of ped x3 or even x4. By this way, traffic will be much more interesting.

How to install
You should back up the file update.rpf, in case everything get crash or something.
Download and install OpenIV, then open the file update.rpf. Navigate to the directory “common/data” . Turn on the Edit mode, then drag and drop the file gameconfig.xml to the OpenIV. After that, press Rebuild.
Notice that there are several ways to install the mod, based on how busy the road that you want it to be. There’s an option for maximum car, but make sure you will be able the handle that shit.

How to know if this mod is working?

- Hopefully fixed the “maximum” config. Didn’t crash after 30 mins of testing. I would still be careful with it though.
- Added 2x cars 8x peds.
- Fixed the crash bug (Hopefully) by removing the parked vehicles multiplier. I tested for an hour and a half on the “new york” config and didn’t crash.
- Added “Maximum” vehicles and peds config. The values in this are crazy high, and seem to hit whatever number the games maximum is. Looks great, seemed stable in the hour or so that I tested it.
- Added 2x cars 4x peds.
- Slight changes to the code
- Added “Gridlock” config. 4x cars and pedestrians. Great for screenshots.
- Added “Omega man” config. No cars or pedestrians. Once in a while you’ll find a single driving car, can’t seem to stop that.
- Added Normal traffic 4x peds config. I’ve heard that it’s more stable like this.
- Added backup config file.
- Added “New York” 8x peds/traffic config. Very unstable, but good for screenshots.
- Added backup config file.
- First version

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