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TimeCycle & Weather files in this mod created best GTA V shit ever.
This masterpiece bring you to a whole new world of GTA V. The brand new environment in this mod will make you feel like insane. Example: Rain impact was much more powerful, night view was also changed so that you can see through the dark… and much more, you can’t believe how beautiful this new world is.

Removed Chromatic Aberration, PostFX Noise & Vignetting
Realism – Color correction to timecycle and weathers, realistic Fog levels, increased view of the horizon (FarClip) and blur range (DoF, Bokeh)
Removed the “glow” often seen around player
Tweaked Bloom, Lighting, Headlights & Vehicle Interior lights, Emissive lights, Street lights, Spotlights, etc
Increased Rain particles & Ripple impact effects
Increased Cloud size, Detail and Speed
Increased Underwater Visibility
Lowered the amount of DoF being applied at Close, Medium and Far ranges
Increased Shadow Cascade Scaling
Increased Weather duration
Removed Motion Blur from First Person View
All Weathers (EXCEPT Snow Weathers) have been fully Optimized.

How to install
1. Download ENB drag-n-drop those files into your base /GTV/ folder.
2. Copy my ENB files into your base GTAV installation directory and replace all files when prompted.

1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”.
2. Drag and drop
"visualsettings.dat" & "hbaosettings.xml" into OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfcommondata
all files from my timecycle folder into OpenIVGTAVupdateupdate.rpfcommondatatimecycle
3. Close OpenIV, Start Game and enjoy!

1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”.
2. Drag and drop skydome.ytd into OpenIVGTAVx64a.rpftextures
3. Close OpenIV and Done.

How to know if this mod is working?
It runs automatically. Just go into game and see the difference.
Video may show you how this mod is working

v2.5 - Made further tweaks to ENB settings. Made installation instructions a bit easier to understand. Removed SweetFX files so people will be less confused about installation. Now you can use any other ReShade/SweetFX settings you want OR make your own! The new screenshots are using only timecycle, visualsettings, hbaosettings & ENB files

v2.4.3 – We change something due to ENB version 0.275. Now, you must use Shift + Enter to use the ENB option
v2.4.1 – Some color disappear when the weather become clear. We fixed it.
v2.4 – Huge change this time.We added TimeCycle & weather files, these things will make the best graphic and timing system in the game
v2.3.1 – Updated the ftimecycle_mods_1 file, fixed reflections. Big thanks to MoN09 for finding the exact problem!
v2.3 – Updated ENB to the latest version 0.272
v2.2.2 – Quick update to the SweetFX_Settings file which fixes incorrect color reflections on water
v2.2.1 – Quick update as I just noticed the new version of ENB is out! Taking full advantage of High Quality MSAA (only works if MSAA is turned on) and I lowered particles a bit for more realistic night lights
v2.2 – Edited ENB settings as well as SweetFX. Made nights a little less impossible to see in and corrected colors some more
v2.1.1 – New skydome replacement has a darker starfield, and looks MUCH much better with ENB + SweetFX (check out the new screenshot!) Also, I can no longer share the main dll files for the shaders. New instructions are up above on how to install them. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is technically how everyone should be sharing their settings according to the rules of their distribution
v2.1 – In an attempt to get my ENB + ShaderFX working for more people, I tweaked a fresh download of SweetFX 2.0 from the ground up for warmth & visuals that make you want to take a ton of screenshots! Nights are darker, and if you want to change that, simply open the sweetfx_settings file in notepad, scroll down to the “Levels” setting, and change the first value until you find your sweet spot.

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