Miracle of V – World Enhancement Project


One of the most downloaded GTA 5 Mod – Miracle of V

Your GTA V will be innovated in different aspects: from enhancing visuals completely to adding realism to weapons in-game, accompanied with improving polices and pedestrians behavior, as well as overhauling the textures to the 4k definition to ensure a smooth, polished experience that you’ve never known before. Still bunch of minor features there are to explore.

With a diversity of features and constant updates from the author, this is definitely the must-have mod for you to download.


  1. Timecycle: Reflections overhaul edit, Redone Sky colors, Lighting For Every Weather Changed, No more Ugly Yellowish Effect On Roads…
  2. Textures: 4k Fire, 11k water, Overhauled Trees, Plants and added new Plants, Realistic skin tones for Micheal and trevor, Real life sand for Beach …
  3. Weapons: Bullets changed, Recoil increased for all guns, Wider FOV in first person and more weapon recoil … and more info in Download Pack

– Make a fucking backup of your game or a backup of your mods folder.
– Read FAQ in Support Tab, if you have any issues about this mod you can sign up GTAbest’s account and give us your question.
– If you are the author of this mod, please contact us here! Have a good day!

Required mods
- Reshade and ENBSeries installed
- OpenIV installed

How to Install GTA 5 Miracle of V

  1. Extract the files into a safe location (Depends on you, I usually extract at drive D). Make a new folder and extract both ENB and Reshade into it.
  2. Delete the following files:
  3. And rename the file ReShade64.dll into dxgi.dll
  4. Copy and paste all files in the folder you’ve created into your GTA 5 directory, select “replace".
  5. Open the Miracle of V folder, select the ReShade preset which you want, copy and paste that ReShade folder into your GTA V directory.
  6. Copy the 3 END files in Miracle of V folder into GTA V directory.
  7. Open the OpenIV, click the “Edit” button, then copy all the files in the update/update.rpf/common/data in Miracle of V folder to the same location in GTA V folder by OpenIV.

Don't Know How To Mod GTA 5 Safely and Effectively, see more our GTA 5 Mod Guide From Basic To Advance

How to know if this mod is working?
- Just go into game and see the difference


Reshade Error Fixed
Sunset and sunrise rays fixed
ncrease the explosion zize and power for all things which explode
Powerful explosion force,cars and peds will fly up in the air like a bird
Removed Explosion blur - Can even disable cam shake
Replaced the explosion textures with a brand new one which suits the game.
Enhanced fire textures -- Made it a bit more reddish.
Darker explosion smoke like the one from Fallout 4 -->Won't look exactly like it but closer to it
Enhanced fire effects - Fire will spread faster and can even light up a hill
Fire burning time increased for wood,grass,dry grass,meat,dry meat,peds.
Homing Lancher is having the most powerful explosion and explosion force.
Cars explode like the way how it explodes in real life -->Won't look exactly like real life car explosion but closer to real life explosion
peds can even burn with explosion
Most of the explosion can cause continuous destructions.


All the weathers Redone from Scratch Except "Extrasunny and clear"
Natural lighting for all weathers
Natural FOG for all weathers
Postfx redone for all weather
Removed Unwanted effects
Enhanced POSTFX tonemapping
Light Ray colors changed for all weathers
Sun size is same,it doesn't change at certain time
Redone Sky colors for all weathers
Increased Rain Particles 10x more than vanilla
Increased Vehicle Light Intensity
Redone HBAO
Redone SSAO
Enabled Particle Shadows
Enabled lights volumetric effects in foggy weather
Increased city density
Increased ssao quality
Increased FXAA quality
Enabled SSA
Eliminated vignette,entity reject,environment blur,postfx bloom has been removed from props
Players skin tones has been enhanced
Brighter skin tones for Franklin
Brighter skin tones for Trevor
Brighter Skin tones for Micheal
Removed vignette from (Franklin,Micheal and Trevor) so they won't look ugly and dull.
Interior lighting has been improved aswell as postfx bloom has been removed from interiors
Weapon flashlight intensity has been changed so it'll look alot better
Flashlight Color has been changed to yellow from white.
Water Color Has been Changed
New 8k Blood
4k water bump effect
custom Cloth collison has been Changed
New Weather Cycle
Adds 100+ Snow for Snow weather
Adds 150+ Snow for Blizzard
Adds High amount of wind for Blizzard
Neutral has been converted to a new weather
Cleary rainy.
New Textures added into Texture Overhaul
like ; Enhanced Clouds
Enhanced vegetation
Enhanced Concrete Cracks.
Ai Folder Crash fixed
New Script by inco
features - This Script adds a little bit realism in GTA 5. When you push your car too hard and too fast the car engine gets overheated. When it's happened your engine starts smoking and will disabled. You should wait a some time until the engine has cooled.
Latest Patch Compatible
Redone Reflection
Real life like light rays EXTREME "Won't change light ray length when time changes"
Plant Density has been Increased
Weight Of some Props has been Changed to Handy
Most Of the Weather have realistic "Fog"
Added Texture Optimized as Optional
Added Old Reshade Presets as Optional
Controlled environmental brightness for All weathers
Extreme Explosion Textures -- Will be released as standalone later
Extreme Explosiob Features - -- Replaced Explosion textures with Real life "Explosion"
Enhanced Fire Textures "Controlled color to match with reallife
Darker Explosion Smoke like the one in "Fallout 4"
Redone Concrete cracks
Enhanced Cloud Textures
Redone Lighting for
Extrasunny and clear plus redone light
rays for extrasunny and clear
New Enb preset ---FEatures
Enhanced Reflection
Controlled cloud brightness/colors
Sky colors controlled
Ambient colors controlled
Fixed Moon.
Weapon flashlight color has been changed
Weapon ammo enhanced
Redone Weapn Physics
New Reshade preset features
Eliminated Banding
Controlled Colors Using a brand new LUT
Advanced Ambient Occlusion
Enabled Smaa
Enabled Diether - Forces your monitor to use high colors
Increased Distance Scaling
Ped brawling controlled
Ped damage controlled.


Totally overhauled Sunny weathers - New W.I.P Timecyc added Fully Redone Lighting on Sunny weather
Sky on extrasunny weathers
Darker nights
Night Light intensity reduced
Fixed loading screen crash
made the environement little bit more sharp
added my new smaa settings
Reshade doesn't eat too much of fps now.


Some more files were updated to
the latest version of the game
Fully Redone Clearing
Weather including Lighting sky
Redone Sky for Rainy weather
Much better than before
New weathers edited
Snow and Snowlight
-For Now Lighting was only Redone for
-snow Light and Snow
Redone Sun lensflare
Now It's beautiful with much more effects
-If you didn't liked the New lensflare as an option i have added
the old one

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