K-putt’s SweetFX Config (ReShade)


Thanks to K-putt’s beefy PC, you can now see your GTA 5 in all it’s glory

This GTA 5 Best Visual Mod will improve game’s color and gives much better contrast. For me, vanilla GTA V was always too bright and blue and I have to say that K-putt really has a good eye. Download K-putt’s SweetFX now to make your game more enjoyable.

How to install

  1. Copy all the files of the mod into GTA root folder. If you want to turn on the effect, press Scroll Lock.
  2. To enable the SMAA open the SweetFX_settings.txt and set #define USE_FXAA to 1 and #define USE_SMAA to 0. (Image might get a bit too blurry with FXAA enabled). You can fix this with a #define sharp_strength value of ~ 1.1
  3. Disable the ingame FXAA
  4. Installing K-putt's version when previously having used the official SweetFX (even having deleted the files first) made my game crash before loading. Doing a clean install fixed this. Guess SweetFX leaves some residue filessettings.

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How to know if this mod is working?
Press F12 in-game to enable it.

In this version, we fixed the laggy menu
- ReShade version is now 0.18.4
- This version fixed the laggy start menu
- No changes to the preset itself however

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