Improved Spotlight and LED


This mod is amazing I highly recommend it to anyone, its also compatible with the mod VisualV witch makes it even better! :) amazing mod thank you for making it!

Improved Spotlight and LED allows you to experience correct searchlight coloring and brightness, along with increased emergency LED brightness during daylight and evening.

– Realistic searchlight brightness/color
– Headlight, brake lights, turn signals, reverse light and plate light have increased brightness.
– Red interior light.
– Brighter emergency lights.
– Realistic new corona improving all lights to look more high definition.
– Improved emergency lights reflection texture, now appears brighter when reflecting off objects.
– Custom LED/Corona settings for alexguirre’s spotlight mod.

– Gravelroadcop, author of this mod.
– VisualV and The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project for some values such as trafic lights and street lights config.
– Spotlight mod – alexguirre

– If you complain about indicator lights always set to on, read the instructions, if you didn’t, tough break !! i’m not helping you if you fail to do it yourself.
– For those who are using emergency vehicles, let alone modded vehicles like CVPIs, in order to gain that bright power like in my photos, you have to keep 1 thing in mind and accounted for : What LED texture is it using.

If the texture on the light bar already has colors on it, such as RED/BLUE, this will create a dark brightness because the corona will mirror it.

If you use this kind of texture : YOU WILL GET A DARK BRIGHTNESS, OR TOO DIM LIGHTS.

So to fix this, find a mod or edit the sheriff lights texture to this kind of texture :

It has some white spots on it which allows the corona mirror it and gain that bright LED look to it, and in real life, you would see white in the middle of the color pool on any led products. So its all mirror effects.

How to install
1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”
2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature - Green Plus Button)
graphics.ytd into OpenIVGTAVx64a.rpftextures
3. Close OpenIV and Done.
4. More information and installation instructions available in the file readme.txt

How to know if this mod is working?

What's new ?
- Updated to work with VisualV 1.0.110
- Increased Bloom brightness for emergency lights
- Misc. setting tweaks

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