HD Low End 12.4


This is a perfect option for people that don’t have strong pc but still want to enjoy GTA V in highest performance that possible. The author also included lots of option file into the download file that allow user to customize the settings based on how low their system is.

How to install
Download and install latest version of OpenIV, Simple Trainer and ScriptHookV. In each of these files there will be a special instruction for each of them.

How to know if this mod is working?

12.3 "added more color to sweetfx file"

12.2 "guys you do not need to upgrade i just added a "LAST RESORT" settings file upon request.

12.4 Better looking rain particles while using less gpu power along with proper animation speed of water/puddles/rain instead of high speed like in the last versions, "LOOKS MUCH BETTER"

12.1 Performance gain and color correction, i think everything should be perfect now.

12 "okay i just like to thank everyone, I hope this version is your faviroute as i have completely remade it, Everything should work fine, if there are any errors however just comment and ile get on it ASAP, thank you guys. New color, HUGE performance increase, and less issues.

11.1 I AM BACKKK BABY NOW READ THE NEW READ ME'S "Best version yet, New exposure settings making the colour alot better including a better night instead of it being to dark, slight fixes here and there :))) im happy with it. also fixed puddles not appearing sometimes or appearing with low quality. BY FAR THE BEST VERSION JUST DON'T FORGET IF YOUR HAVING TRANSPARENCY PROBLEMS READ THE READ ME'S

10.1 “people whom are getting crashes on start up is due to windows 7 compatibilty issues please make sure to install this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36805 you are welcome”

10.0 finale “fix for all transparency issues, the problem wasn’t due to the file but due to certain peoples graphics drivers and graphics cards, but now it should work on all systems, you are welcome and thank you for the support once again :)”

9.0 finale “make sure if using intel hd graphics to upgrade to the newest driver by going to intels driver page” “I tried to fix a few errors by creating another visualsettings file give it ago if you're having transparent problems with textures” i like to thank everyone who donated, it wasn’t much but it went along way with me friends, thank you.

8.2 small updates to the timecycles along with more settings file to try and fix more texture issues i also created a VERY QUICK video on howto install the mod “sorry i was rushing i am really busy currently” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TTtlWMxxLw

8.1 included a better read me for troubleshooting, included two sweetfx one has lower saturation and sharpness. also included more settings files for people having problems with disappearing textures and see through/transparent vehicles.

8.0 FINALE "HUGEEEE UPDATE, Fixed a few bugs, I managed to fix the distant textures disappearing "YESSSS, SHOULD ALSO FIX OTHER TEXTURE ISSUES" And I have now also included Online setting files for people whom want to play online and be able to spot other peoples characters from a distant along with cops and other pedestrians "EASIER TO SPOT BECAUSE LOD HAS BEEN RAISED" Thank you guys for all the support feedback is much appreciated either good or bad :) The next patch I do will most likely be the final one. Please press the like button you little rascals you... :D

7.1 "Edited/updated the timecycles alittle to squeeze more performance out of them along with added a option to have lower quality trees and grass to yet again gain that little bit more performance that we are so craving" next im doing a update that has a optional view distance for all systems "low end-high end" along with a few other tweaks. Going to take some screenshots tomorrow due to people requests :)

7.0 "added the option to remove grass-lod and Terrain tessellation along with fixing a few bugs people where having "example is Neon is missing for some people now has been fixed" im also working on texture bugs which ile fix very soon, thank you all for the support I hope these updates make you happy.

6.0 "added a extra folder/file to disable HBAO to try and increase fps spalittle"

5.1 GOLD "I think ive fixed issues with people claiming to have invisible trucks and busses, I have also increased performance once again by editing the timecycle value to lower water reflection detail in the distance, since it cannot be noticed anyway. I have also edited all settings.xml just to have less issues and problems. I edited the Lod and other values to reduce bugs hopefully.

5.0 GOLD "Big update, changed a few values in all 4 timecycles to improve performance alittle, Newest version of Reshade/sweetfx, changed the colour settings around so the sky is a little less green, "FOR ALL HAVING CRASHES WITH SWEETFX MAKE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR DIRECTX"

4.1 "Removed DOF, Fixed all settings files to have less traffic pop up while driving, increased lod on peds and vehicles. other minor improvements.


-People where having problems saying it was to washed out and on my tablet i edited my graphics control panel settings to display more color forgetting the game isnt doing it but the intel control panel is, so I changed the color for you guys in the sweetfx settings to display more colour and sharper aswell, looks alot better in my opinion.


-now added puddles that wont slow down your game when it rains

-Sweetfx as seen in the videos. "does not slow down game at all"

-fixed a vehicle lod problem where some people complained of vehicles spawning right in front of them at high speed "I ONLY CHANGED THIS ON THE HIGH SETTINGS FOLDER"

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