GTA Realism 0.6.2


This mod tweaks major things to make them work more like they should. Traffic Overhaul, Weapon Changes, even lighting have been made just one purpose: More Realistic Gameplay. Let’s see!

1. Traffic Overhaul
Lights stay on longer allowing more traffic to pass through.
Cars will now rush through yellow lights to get through on time, sometimes taking late yellows and speeding up.
Cars will be more aggressive in switching lanes, going through intersections and turning.
Drivers are more skilled to make up for aggressiveness and allow drivers to drive slightly more risky and natural.
Population for cars has been modified for greater variations, including Police patrol variations.
DLC cars have been added to the streets.
2. Weapon Changes
Weapon speeds have been set to proper values.
Incorrect ammo values have been fixed.
Forces have been changed for more realistic damage per weapon.
Body Damage forces changed for more realistic hit reactions.
3. Lighting Changes have been made to the Police Helicopter Spotlight to give it a more powerful look.
Street lights have been given volume in the lighting for a more realistic look. Car lights and Traffic Lights have increased Corona sizes and more natural glows.
4. There are a few features that barely dsidn’t make it into here as I didn’t want to delay it longer, for example I didn’t redo the file that says what can be damaged and how, or the file that determines what surfaces a bullet can go through, these won’t be long, other bigger features might still be a week but will be pretty great…

ENJOY 0.6.2 and please report any bug or leave suggestions, GTA REALISM is a community project and anyone can contribute any time, if you have something to share tag mkeezay30 or Dilapidated in the comments.

How to install
Unpacked Version
1 Create a folder named "mods" in your games main folder, without the quotation marks
2. Inside the "mods" folder create an "update" folder
3. You should now have a game folder that has this structure Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdate
4. using OpenIV navigate to the folder Grand Theft Auto Vupdateupdate.rpf,
5. Drag the update.rpf file onto your desktop or a folder to copy it
6. Now navigate to the update folder you created in Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdate
7. Enable "EDIT" mode in OpenIV
8. Drag the update.rpf file into the new update folder
9. Open the mod package, the file structure inside the mods folder is the same as update.rpf
10. Using OpenIV go to the new update.rpf, and drag and drop the files into the proper folders, make sure the mods folder file structure matches the file structure of the games folders.

Common.rpf Version - Copy the "mods" folder to your games root directory, use OpenIV to enable the ASI loaders.
When playing online use OpenIV to disable the ASI loaders so you don't get banned from online

NOTE Mod will be converted to Update,rpf mod soon, separation of files into different features has begun, didn't think it would take more than 20 minutes then I realized each will need it's own readme.txt explaining the features it enables, and for files that have modifications that are used for multiple features there will have to be dependencies listed so you know what other things the file might affect.

How to know if this mod is working?

0.6.1 FIXES
Ammo Count Fixed
Aim Down Sight and 3rd Person View Bug Fixed
Water Foam Bug Fixed
Only known bug is blood wound colors are a bit too bright, but I wanted to get this up tonight for everyone in case I got busy tomorrow, either way me or Dilapidated will fix the pistol wound colors

0.6 V2 (0.61) Features
Beginning of overhauling of Body related damage
Guns now create bigger wounds and spray blood further
Areas like the neck will squirt blood
Blood from peds will splatter on your clothes if you are close enough
Shotgun wounds have a look similar to gore, face shots are brutal
Blood has more reflection and will reflect nearby objects
Blood pools are thicker and take longer to dry
Clothes will soak over 2 minutes covering victims in blood (currently not working but was not long ago, will check into it tomorrow)
Blood now has a much different look on different surfaces
Blood will wrap around corners more and the number of allowed blood probes has been greatly increased
Blood flies further from the exit wound
Effects like exit wounds have been switched with more realistic exit effects
Baseball bats and other strong blunt weapons can now be used to break through wooden fences and be used to knock objects like walking signs and road signs off the pole.

Car Destruction is almost complete and will be next in the global damage overhaul.

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