CryingLightning’s FX 2.0


GTA V graphic is one of the most popular niche for mods. We introduce to you the CryingLightning’s FX 2.0 mod version, which will bring you to the cinematic version of GTA V. You will be so excited to know what is in this mod while enjoying it.
There are actually 4 SweetFX Presets, which are Cinematic, Realistic, Realistic red-ish and Cinematic 2. All these 4 are truly masterpiece which will make you fall in love at the first sight

How to install
Please delete any older version of this mod before installing.
Copy the contents of “GTA V Folder – SWEETFX” and paste on your Grand Theft Auto V folder, Pick a preset then drag the .txt file to your Sweetfx folder
Toggle on/off key is Scroll Lock

How to know if this mod is working?


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