Heist Map Updates in Single Player v0.4



How about all of the Heist Map Updates in the Story Mode? yes, sounds great. Nice money, real bank robbery, real chasing are coming up.

1. All of the Heist Map Updates in the city.

2. Spawn the Heist Aircraft Carrier and Yacht into Single Player

3. All of the interiors from the High Life Update and Heist Update be available.

4. High end apartment exteriors.

5. Accessed apartment by lobbies.

Future plans

-Simple Trainer is required. Open the SNT, go to Teleports -> Other Teleports -> Enable MP Maps. But before you do that, you need to uninstall Heist Map Updates V0.4 by restoring the original patchDay2NG dlc.rpf, or deleting the patchDay2NG dlc.rpf, that came with this mod, which would be in the mods folder.

-Update minor map updates in the country side.

-Figure out why the mod won’t work for some users who have the Social Club version. (Social club replaces modded rpf’s with stock.)

-Find a way to get the game to load the files from their original location so the download is not 1.4 GB (and increasing with each update.

-Proper colisions in the parking garages and lobbies.

-Remove invisible walls, like the one blocking the doorway to Martin’s ranch, or the one blocking acess to the town in North Yankton.

-Add some beta interiors that TaazR found.

-Proper access to the High Life Update garage interior that I found.

-Restore AI to the Police Station

-Fix a lod bug with the Police Station interior, and the Rock Club interior.

-Clean up the map more so there are zero duplicate models.


-Rockstar Games: For creating this amazing game.

-nkjellman: Author of mod.

-TaazR: Updating Open Interiors to load the IPL’s now avalable in SP thanks to this mod.

-sjaak327: Updating the Simple Trainer with teleports to the new locations added in this mod.

-arewenotmen: Updating the Enhanced Native Trainer with teleports to the new locations added in this mod.

-Alexander Blade: Creator of Script Hook V.

-Open IV team: Creating Open IV, and enabling RPF editing.

-PursuitForceS: For helping me find a door which was blocking acess to the 4 Integrity Way Apartment lobby.

-All of those who support the mod: For encuraging me by liking, downloading and posting videos of it.

How To Install Heist Map Updates in Single Player

1. Open OpenIV. Turn on “Edit mode”

2. Drag and drop (or use Add New File feature - Green Plus Button)
dlc.rpf into OpenIVGTAVupdatex64dlcpackspatchday2ng

3. Close OpenIV and Done.

4. This mod also required Open All Interiors v3or IPL Loaderto activate.


This mod has a big download size. To avoid a complex install, I wanted to keep it easy for people to install, the link to download is https://mega.nz/.

How to know if this mod is working?

- IPL Loader: press F5 and load the Heist Carrier and Heist Yacht. The yacht is located just west of Del Perro Pier, and the carrier is located south east from Los Santos.

- Open All Interiors v3:Open Map and simply go to any interior you want.

-Removed unnecessary maps.
-Double doors at Police Impound fixed
-Double doors at Rock Club fixed.
-Disapearing night lights when flying high and far away from the city should be fixed.
-Added all of the Heist Map Updates in the city. (Updated apartment exteriors with updated parking garages and lobbies which are now enterable)
-Added the updated Police Station interior.
-Interior IPL's added:
*Original High Life Apartment interior now available.
*Updated Heist version of interiors for original High End Apartment interior, and High Life Apartment interior.
*Heist Police interior now available
*Bonus: Hidden High Life Update garage interior now available. You should be able to spawn models from it with the trainer by typing in the model name.
*NOTE: None of the interiors will actually be loaded. We need an asi to call them.
-Heist Yacht and Aircraft Carrier IPL's avalable in Single Player.

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