So Tell Me What Are The Fastest Cars In Gta Online?


If you’re talking about GTA 5 fastest cars, about around a circuit or just don’t care about top speed stats or acceleration times…

If you are at the airport and need to beat the lobby to something at Trevor’s Trailer, which car is going to get you there the fastest? In this GTA V Cars Guide, I will answer some popular issues on the GTA 5 Community such as what are fastest cars and the best quality cars in each class as well as whether Kuruma is the most suitable car for the missions in GTA 5 or not.

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Fastest cars in GTA 5

I noticed a lot of people asking this question “What is the fastest car in GTA 5?” And I can’t understand why people can just raise such general question. At least, one should add another phrase to make the question fully understood such as: Straight line? Cornering? Long straights, long Sweepers? Who is driving this car? Highest speed or acceleration top? …

Because GTA 5 highest top speed cars does not necessarily means the fastest overall. There will be no such thing as a definite answer to this question. There are two most important factors to answer that are kinds of road used to drive and controller of the steering wheel.

Z-type, Adder, T20 or Osiris?

– The Z-type is undoubtedly the fastest one, but lacking acceleration will make it take some time to jump to the top speed. Also this car isn’t highly recommended at cornering.

– The Adder – the idol of the majority of GTA 5 young players, is it the fastest supercar in GTA 5? As mentioned, the car itself does not gurantee the victory of the driver. In our opinion, the Adder is relatively slow at acceleration compared to other supercars.

– The T20 and the Osiris are the fastest ‘all around‘ cars in the game. They cannot match the top speed of the Adder or the Z-type but they accelerate more quickly meaning that they can reach their top speeds faster. They also handle better so if a race has corners these two supercars are your best bet.

A comparsion between Zentorno PROGEN T20 and Adder:

2. If you want an absolute best of each class of vehicles…

However, this video does not show you how a car handles. For example, for a muscle class, Blade is often considered the best for more twisty tracks, even though it is only in 4th place by the lap times – due to its superior acceleration which is very important on some tracks and much less on others. Same thing goes for bikes (Hakuchou over Bati for straight runs, Akuma over both for very twisty roads) and other classes too. If you want an absolute best of each class of vehicles, you need to research those classes separately, but this list gives a good general idea.

Fastest Sports Cars – Top Speeds Of Fully Upgraded Cars In GTA Online

Google Docs – GTA 5 Car List

3. Is Kuruma still the best car for missions?

The new armored cars are designed to be extraction vehicles. You drive in, your VIP hops in, and you get out as fast as possible. The armor can withstand one explosion and the windows can withstand 6 shots of any caliber, but if you shoot out of the car you shatter the windows and are instantly vulnerable.

The Armored Kuruma is designed to be a battle car against NPCs. You can bring it into a firefight with small arms (which is all that the majority of NPCs have in this game) because it’s essentially invincible and you can even fire out of the windows and still remain protected, although an NPC right next to your window with a shotgun can sometimes kill you. While it’s ideal for most missions, it’s less useful against other players because it’s not explosive proof at all, and a skilled player can still snipe or shotgun you through the window.

We would buy the armored cars in this order:

1) Armored Kuruma

2) Insurgent

3) Armored Schafter V12

4) Insurgent Pickup

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