Openiv Tutorial – What The Hell Is Mods Folder?


If this is the first time you’ve ever modded GTA 5 and you have never used OpenIV before? This GTA 5 OpenIV tutorial will give you a full picture of one of the most powerful tools in GTA 5 modding. Together with simple explanations about Folder Feature from a newbie who also did not know anything about MOD earlier, I believe that you will quickly know how to use OpenIV, and the problems are therefore limited

For those who are looking for a full resource on using OpenIV, you can read these words of caution first to avoid errors, to save time and to enjoy the benefits this GTAV tool brings.

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Content Table
1. OpenIV – What The Hell Is It?
2. How to avoid OpenIV problems
3. “F*ck I’m following exactly instructions but still get errors”

1. OpenIV – What The Hell Is It?

What is OpenIV?

A multi-purpose editor and archive manager for PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto IV/EFLC and Max Payne 3. You can Download Newest OpenIV Here

How Does It Work?

All you need is to copy the game files into a folder called ‘mods’ and install your mods on those files, not your original game files. OpenIV comes with OpenIV.ASI will force the game load your archives from “mods” folder. OpenIV also comes with ASI Loader which will load the modified files instead of the original ones. So you just need to turn off/uninstall ASI Loader or OpenIV.ASI before going online, it will disable all your mods including “mods” folder and scripts.

I don’t have mods folder what should I do? Simply create one as you normally would and copy the archives you want to modify into it. Remember – you have to keep the directory path to your modded files the same. Below are some examples:
…Rockstar Games\GTA V\x64e.rpf  → …Rockstar Games\GTA V\mods\x64e.rpf
…Rockstar Games\GTA V\update\x64dlcpacks\mpheistdlc.rpf => …Rockstar Games\GTA V\update\mods\update\x64dlcpacks\mpheistdlc.rpf

Do I have to have “mod” folder? No, you can mod your original game files without “mods” folder. The only difference is you won’t be able to switch between modded and un-modded by removing ASI Loader (if you don’t go online this is not a problem).

2. How to avoid OpenIV Issues!

1. You have the latest version: latest ScripthookV, latest GTAV, latest OpenIV.

2. Complete all the steps OpenIV needs. OpenIV needs an asi file to run the modded files. So make sure you have OpenIV.ASI installed. Without these steps, the modded files will not load, and the game will just see non legit files.

3. Always Turn on “Edit Mode”. Note: Using Edit Mode on OpenIV will automatically save files without warning. This is a handy but relatively dangerous feature, so
– If you aren’t 100% sure what you’re doing, back up whichever file you’re about to modify before continuing.
– Dragging no more than one file at a time and seeing if the file size in OpenIV changes appropriately. Also, replacement will work if your modded files don’t have the ‘encrypted‘ flag.

4. OpenIV rebuild feature is for rebuilding archive (obviously). Rebuild is needed when you want to shrink archive size after many edits. But you don’t need to rebuild archive after each editing.

5. OpenIV works when it isn’t run in administrator mode. But it seems that some windows user accounts’ control may stop you from being able to drag from something with admin rights into something without admin. So, you may have to run OpenIV at administrator rights if game get an Error.

6. If you got issue, and don’t know why, just return all the files you’ve changed, likely to have changed, back to stock. You could try verifying in steam (some say it take a while, not sure) but what you need to do is get it to a working state, irrespective of any mods. Then add a couple of mods at a time, see if it still works.

7. After the new GTA V update, all the files will be changed back to encrypted so a reinstallation is needed.

8. If you are using a pirate GTA V, you may have many problems with editing mods by OpenIV.

3. “F*ck I’m following exactly instructions but still get errors”

Most people that have problems think they did everything they were supposed to and in the right files but they always find that they messed something up. So, always read the mod description carefully.

OpenIV Common Errors

1. Can’t open .rpf file → Turn on “Edit Mode”

2. Re-update or re-download or After modding or the game “updates” itself…
The launcher decides to re-download the original file that I replaced so that the mod is no longer in the directory but the original file is, have any idea how I could fix that?; every time I replace the files it gives me a freaking 5gb update just for replacing the files…

You have to put the files you want to change in the “mods” folder and change them in OpenIV. OpenIV.asi will force the game to read from the mods folder, and the launcher isn’t aware of the files so it won’t download anything.

3. “I Can’t use “Drag & Drop” or OpenIV won’t let me replace files in edit mode”
There is a glitch where drag and drop doesn’t always work. Drag and Drop also may not work if you run OpenIV as administrator. If you right click on the file you want to replace in OpenIV, there should be an option called ‘Replace’, if you click this you can then navigate to your replacement file and install it that way. There is also a green plus sign up the top of the window which enables you to replace multiple files within a particular directory.

ERR_GEN_INVALID means you messed something else up so you better off updating the game. Make sure you have OpenIV.asi in your game folder (where gtav. Exe located). Or reinstall the whole game. If you’re on Steam, right click it in your Library>properties>Local Content>verify integrity of game cache. If you are the disc version, create a new shortcut on your desktop, edit the target to be: “C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto VPlayGTAV.exe” -verify

5. “Corrupt game data. Please reboot or reinstall the game”
GTA 5 Mods Not working, corrupted game files… you must have the openIV.ASI installed. When you first use OpenIV on the secondary GTAV folder and click on the EDIT button you will be prompted to install the openiv.asi file.

6. “OpenIV doesn’t the administrator rights to open”
Right click your openIV icon, select properties, then check the option that says ‘Always run this programme with administration rights.

7. “unable to replace files”
Turn on “Edit Mode” or run OpenIV as administrator. Make sure the process is being used in a same location.

8. “OpenIV can’t find my GTA 5.exe”
You need to point openIV at your gtav directory. If you are using the steam version – open up steam, navigate to the game library, find gtav, right click on gtav, select properties, then in one of the tabs there will be an option to ‘browse local files’, select this, then when the window opens, copy and paste the address into openIV and you should be good to go.

So, what now?

Recently, OPENIV has introduced a new update with many new features that promise to make modding in GTA V 5 become easier and more flexible. Bookmark this post so you can find out how to fix bugs anytime or share it to your friends through this link.

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