List of The Best GTA 5 Mods You Have Ever Seen


The purpose of this article is to help new modders know which mod they should try first .You don’t have to worry about looking through pages and pages of available mods in websites in order to find the good ones. For those who have mastered modding, you can find some cool and funny mods to experience.

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This GTA V mod list is based on our opinion, we want to share it with you because we think that there are so many people out there wasting time playing freaking stupid and boring mods because they don’t know the existence of these awesome ones. We also welcome other suggestions!

First you should download Trainer and get acquainted with it. Then you have to install gameplay mods (It’s like a piece of cake to install, but contains a lot of cool stuff, I recommend that you should not miss), or Vehicle and Weapon Mods. When you started getting bored, you can find the other ideal funny mods to unwind while waiting for the other awesome gameplay. Because sometimes all you need are Parkour or Canon mods to have a good game!

Ok, so after a long explanation, here’s the list of Best GTA 5 Mod List

1. Trainer
2. Gameplay mods
3. Car mods và weapon mods
4. Visual and Graphic
5. Other GTA V Mods that make GTA 5 truly perfect
6. Nice Ideal – fun mod

1. Best GTA 5 Trainer Mods

Enhanced Native Trainer: more features and more streamlined
Simple Trainer: advanced trainer, so many features and it would take forever to try all of them.

2. GTA 5 Gameplay Mods (Scripts Mods)

The scripts mods are increasingly enhancing GTA 5 Singer Player experience. Just install the GTA 5 Best Mod on this list and you will see why so many players switch from GTA 5 Console to GTA 5 PC.

According to us, the best mods are the mods having many practical features to improve the gaming experience. They definitely are perfect example of modder’s infinite creativity which is fixing Rockstar’s mistakes.

GTA Realism: To be honest, this mod excellently covers everything (even hard-core, of course). These are our suggestion to take your game experience to a whole different level: first thing first, thoroughly overhaul the police system (search on their part intensely, search the area where the incident happened, less cops on 1-star, and most cops use stun guns on 1-star as well. Unless you’re playing Franklin, probably. Secondly, have the weapons system overhauled with a little bit of recoil, velocity drop, and a few other changes. Also a ton of graphical improvements. Pay attention to the files train.xml and trainlines because once they’re installed, the game will be crashed in the first mission.

Police Mod 2 by dehan is a telling example of how a mod can bring such tremendous changes to the game. When it was first introduced, it increasingly gained its popularity and has become one of the most gta 5 downloaded mods. It offers hundreds of amazing features: Pick a cop model, pull over, call out and arrest someone as a police officer…

Real Police Offenses is a GTA 5 Police Mod that is profoundly favoured by the gamer community. It couldn’t be closer to the reality where you get warnings and fines from the police, isn’t it awesome? This feature could have definitely been added to some missions as well. Paying off some dirty cops would have been a neat addon to this system.
Another great GTA 5 gameplay mods is Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement but unfortunately it was cancelled. Therefore, you can have a look at Realism Dispatch Enhanced Mod another excellent mod also!

One more thing, do you know that you can have online heists in Single Player mode? It’s just sooo cool I can’t even. Definitely check out Heist Project by Guadmaz guys!!

3. GTA 5 Car mods và weapon mods

Among the Vehicle and Weapon Mods, in our opinion, the most strikingly notable one must be handling mods. Because it can significantly enhance the game experience only by a few helpful tweaks. It makes the use of guns as well as driving in GTA 5 more exciting than ever.

If you a fan of Speed and are fed up with the speed of the vehicles in the vanilla GTA 5, you can try Realistic Topspeed of the cars in GTA V by TommyKaira or Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration ALL vehicles by brunodrl94. What those mods do is basically to make all vehicles more realistic to their IRL counterpart, and I’m telling you it’s fucking amazing to be able to drive them at their real speeds.

We recommend that you should use Mod TommyKaira because it will bring you more features (4×4 Distribution, … especially the combination of Topspeed and optional Better Deformation (a mod made by Corinarh). Both of them will surely create enjoyable and exhilarating gaming experiences. It won’t hurt to check it out!

For those people who feel GTA 5 vehicle physics is f*cking suck and would like a Realistic Vehicle physics mod (Realistic speed + acceleration, damage, braking, grip, handling characteristics, wheelspin…), you may want to try installing Realistic Driving V by Killatomate. He’s working on an update which will tweak motorcycles a bit and add realistic physics for aircraft. If you are more into GTA IV style, GTA IV Style Handling Mod For GTA V by obajtektsw92 can do you good!

GTA 5 Best Weapon Mods Refined Weapons and Gameplay by State_of_Mind. This mod was created to fully overhaul the weapons (gun recoil, weapon’s damage, Reload Gun, Farther ranges…). Gunplay becomes more of a chore due to the extreme amounts of recoil and limited ammo. However, there are actually bunch of cool add-ins like reduced weapon force so enemies no longer do stupid flips like in a Saints Row game.

Ripplers Realism by Ripplers is also a genuinely interesting mod offering hundreds of features that make gunfights much more enjoyable.

And it would be even more fun if you could combine them with Weapon Attachment Trainer by Gumshoe and Gun Sounds Overhaul by Suspect, HardcoreLiberal, JoarE.

4. GTA 5 Visual and Graphic Mods

VisualV – Undoubtedly the best GTA V Graphics Mod currently available so far (in our opinion). With natural and realistic colours, excellent colour toning, you can’t give any bad remarks for sure. Although it seems to be a general graphics overhaul rather than a basic reshade, it’s totally an outstanding base for any SweetFX / Reshade ENB packages. Many people prefer The Pinnacle of V but we think the colours are to vivid and seem a little bit unreal. After all, it’s you who make the choice between VisualV and The Pinnacle of V. Both of them have their different edges.

Soongae’s Sweet ENB series and SweetENB by Hellspawn92 are great too but more suitable for high performance PC.

Here’s another mod that’s worth trying Community Graphics ENB Mod. This is what makes you realize the best mods are often combined mods!

Warning: These mods may cause massive framerate and stability issues even on the most high-end rigs.

5. Other GTA V Mods that make GTA 5 truly perfect

FOV Mod — an integrated FOV mod for adjusting that horrible FPS FOV from the vanilla game. Many people advised me to install FOV mod, however I suggest that only those playing offline should install it as when you install and use it after go to Online Mode, you just want to smash your f*cking mouse!

Szabo’s persistance mod – the best thing about it is the persistent car mod. It’s such a huge surprise that no one has ever talked about it as it’s our favourite!

My all time favorite is the persistent car mod. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it. It keeps cars from despawning, and allow you to park your cars at any where you like. Moreover, cars won’t simply vanish like they used to, and you can arrange a car display outside your garage as you wish too.

Fuel Script V by Sakis25

Open All Interiors

Other really promising recommendation are: GTA 5 2k water mod, Enhanced Explosions, Improved Spotlight and LED lighting

6. GTA 5 Nice Ideal Mods

Basic Needs by Plastic Tangerine
Working Restaurants by Plastic Tangerine
More Pedestrians and Traffic by Lupi

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